almost 1 yr post op

Jun 11, 2009

This has been the most awesome year of my life!!!  The last time I saw Dr Sad, he was happy that I lost 80 lbs and told me not to lose anymore, well I hit my 100 lbs mark months ago and haven't lost a pound since....and ya know what,,thats fine with me.  I feel wonderful, have more energy that I know what to do with...I've gone from a size 3x shirt, to a size medium,  size tight 26 jeans, to a comfortable size 12....I love it when people do not recognize me..and are shocked when they find out its me...lolol   Its funny I look back at my life a year ago and see the changes in me and my eating habits...  I can remember eating a full size sub sandwich,,,,or a large bag of chips...hand full of cookies,,,large slice of cake..or a banana split....those days have been long gone and I don't miss them...  instead of a sub sandwich,,,its a chef salad, in stead of a large bag of chips, its 3 chips ONLY if i want them....i'm lucky if I  eat a cookie a month.....cake and donuts have not passed my lips since surgery....I have had a few French fries,  when out if the hubby or daughter are eating them, i'll have 2 of them but thats it...its Icecream time, and if we go out for a cone its a baby cone for me...thats plenty...(and thats only a once a month treat) .... my life is yogurt, protiens, love my protein bars, my water, and I love my sf/ff puddings with lite whip cream out of a can...I can't do any rice what so ever, and if I do have pasta, i'm luck to get 2-3 bits of it before i'm totally full,  and bread...HAAAAAH....i use to eat 2=3 slices a day...i'm lucky to eat a slice a week and that is usually at breakfast on the weekends with the family...  What I'm basically saying is I never thought my life would change so dramatically and I love it...I was concerned I wouldn't be able to do it....but I can do family is eating healthier, i'm eating healthier.... I love my RNY..I wish I had done this years ago!!!!  

100 LBS!!!!!

Mar 20, 2009

Exactly 100 lbs lost as of this morning  woohoooooooo,,, I have 5lbs to hit my goal and I'm not 8 months post op yet!!!  I can't image what I'll be down to when I hit 1 year...

Results of the 3 day protein train

Feb 27, 2009

Results of the 3 day protein train, as I reported earlier, the scales were stuck and I was noticing a small change in my eating where the carbs were creeping back into my menu.  My 3 day protein train consisted of 3 protein drinks a day, broth, sf/ff pudding only 1- (1/2 cup serving daily) and plain vanilla yogurt only 1- (1/2 cup serving daily), and all my water. After doing this I can actually say I feel much better, I have no more carb cravings or sugar craving for that fact, and I dropped 8 lbs, that got my scales moving again.   I am exercising as usual.  But this 3 day protein train really works to de-carb yourself....I highly recommend it! 
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Feb 24, 2009

Ive been stuck for weeks now, can't shake the pounds off. I'm still losing inches but it would be nice to get the scales to move.  I moved my scales to the downstairs part of my home so I wouldn't weigh myself daily.    And today I decided to do the 3 day protein train.  I'm not doing to badly my first day.  Had protein shake for breakfast, water thru out my day, another shake for lunch, and 1/2 cup of plain yogurt,  dinner is another shake, 1/2 cup more of plain yogurt and sf jello for a snack tonight.  I have broth in there also.....I'll let you know how I make out after my 3rd day.  hope it jumpstarts my scales.

Having quite the ride!!!

Jan 24, 2009

Next week will mark 6 months post-op, its been quite a ride for me,  I'm down to a size 14 jeans, and large shirt, The last time I think I wore a size 14 was in junior highschool!  I feel 100% better, my health and my life!  Have 20 lbs to go to hit my goal of 160, if I go below that I'll be happy but thats my goal.  Its been a struggle getting in all my protein in a day.  I have found whey protein bullets at GNC and vitamin world, I drink a 1/2 of one a day with water, that boost my protein enough with my foods to bring me up to 90-100 grams a day. Was only getting 60+ a day.  I hope everyone is doing well on their new life plan with WLS I know I am!!!!!

still going strong

Dec 27, 2008



Dec 16, 2008

Well I haven't posted in a while so I figured I would update everyone on my progress, I'm at a stand still with my weight but the inches are dropping off of me, I can actually wear my husbands pants now..woohoo...I'm in to a size 16 jeans, (no relaxed fit)  and an xlg-large shirt depending on the shirt... I did fine at Thanksgiving with eating. I don't normally have a problem with my eating..having small amounts and my pouch lets me know when I'm full.  I will dump if I don't chew my food well....something gets stuck and I'm running for the bathroom.   
  I did have a few wow moments.... I stopped in to see the hubby one day at his work,  they had just ordered lunch at a chinese place up the road from them and asked me to go and pick it up for them..Hubby and I have known the owner for years.  Well I walk into the restaurant and I was standing at the register, the owner walks by me and says she will be right with me.   I wait and she comes back and says "can I help you?" I tell her I'm here for a pickup order..she looked at me and looks at me again funny. I tell her I'm there for the pickup order for the garage down the road...her eyes bugged out of her head and she screamed at me.  LOLOLOL...she didn't know it was me!!!!  she hugged me and so excited that I had shed all that weight.  the last time Ray and I were there together I was just starting solid foods and had some soup that day.  She told me I looked like my younger daughter.  I love it!!!      my other wow moment happened yesterday... I was at the grocery store picking up a few things.  I have contacts now also so some people don't recognized me right cousin walks by me and does a double take...says "LeeAnn!!!  Your so thin!!! look at you girl!!!!   I really enjoy doing that to people.   Well thats about it for now, I have to get back to work (yes I'm working right now too)      

I did it!!!!

Nov 23, 2008


long busy weekend

Nov 10, 2008

Well had a busy weekend, Ray and I went to the casino Fri-saturday, had a blast as always. I wore my new jeans they look great on me, they aren't baggy!!! woohooo...Sunday I had the day off.  My brother has cleared out his part of the my dad's big garage, as he is moving to NC to his new job.  Anyways Ray went into my brothers bay and cleaned it out....and we put all our exercise machines in there,  treadmill, elliptical, another exercise machine that helps with your abs, and our weight bench,  set up a tv and radio....we have our gym now.  Its awesome I used it this morning for the first time. so roomy and comfortable, all I need to do is get a rug for the section we are using in the bay.  (explanation, my father is retired from working on cars, he has a 5 bay car garage, 3 are for the garage, 1 was my brother's machine shop, other is my mom's bay for her car and storage).  Even my mother is using it, Annie my neighbor will be over after work to work out with my daughter.  She has a few machines to add to it also...We are saving so much money having this gym versus the 30.00 gym fee a month.  
  I also had a wow moment this past week,  I colored my hair and had to rinse it out,  I have never been able to bend over the kitchen sink and rinse my hair or wash it for that fact,  Well I figured I would give it a shot and try it.   I fit!!! it was truely a wonderful feeling bending over the sink to rinse my hair out....

adding to post

Nov 01, 2008

to add to my previous post, I have my contacts now too.  went from wearing glasses to contacts..

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