Mobile Infirmary (COE)

"The only problem was that they did not have a bed for me on the bariatric unit for 3 days after the surgery. I had to stay in ICU because my surgeon felt they could care for me better than a general health floor. They provided good care but did not know much about bariatric issues. It was totally different when I got to the bariatric floor. I found I had been too pampered in ICU."

Christopher Dyas

"Dr. Dyas saved my life. He is tough/no nonsense about sticking to the "rules" but I needed that. He gets excited with you when you have success. His staff is great. He was very clear about the risks and procedures of the surgery and works to make sure you understand them prior to the surgery. I have nothing but respect and gratitude for Dr. Dyas."
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Feb 25, 2007
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