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Arm Lift/Panniculectomy removal gone wrong??? - Looking for some feedback/insight before I lose my mind :(..  I had surgery11/26 for an arm lift and a pani removal although I didn't have much stomach skin the surgeon felt there ...

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Plateau - In all honesty its been eons since I have been on here.  I'm just slightly over 18 months out from my band to bypass revision surgery and overall pleased with my success but starti...

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Hi Michelle, sorry for the delayed response I have no idea how to...

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4 weeks post-op Band to RNY - So, tomorrow I will be 4 weeks post-op.  I had my band to RNY revision on 12/12. My starting weight was 234.9 and currently I am 216. I'm pretty thrilled that I've managed to lo...

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Lap Band to RNY-waiting on insurance approval - I am new to this site, was on the lapband site for the past year and a half of course. I had my Lap Band put in 7/23/11 and I have lost about 26lbs since then.  I don't have any...

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Revision-band to rny bypass - Hello all- I decided to set up and start myself on this site.  I had the lap band placed in July of 2011 and after much struggle and frustration have decided I want to do a revi...
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