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Apr 14, 2015

Name is LeighAnn and I am  27 years old. I just recently got married feb 2015 and have a beautiful son who i had in july 2014. I am a New Jersey Girl

My 3 aunts. My aunts 2 daughters. My moms cousin and her husband. They all had the gastric bypass surgery. They all suffer complications from it. They ended up cheating on their husbands and leaving them and stuff.. I never want to do that to my husband I love him with all my heart. My ones aunts husband left her because he loved fat woman.
When I was 18. I was in the drs office and they were scheduling the surgery for me. But seeing the complications they suffered. with dumping and now they have bowl obstructions.
I chickened out. I couldn't do it. Beside the fact that the dr was saying we needed to pay 2000 in out of network cost for another dr who was going to be in the surgery also.
At this time i weighted 280.

Years later. With my 1st pregnancy that i lost i began at 301. After the loss i went to 325. ( depressive eating and i admit it i was eating my heart and soul away) Starting weight with my son 326. I lost 10 pounds in beginning but by time i gave birth i was 335. 9 months later I am now pushing 375. I am now at my witts end

for 9 years I was caught the the 310 to 280 range after 21 i could not get below 300 at all. Im active i work. I paid 80.00 a month for a gym program called Total Body Solutions but I couldn't not break the 20 pound mark. I ended that program after they hired a woman WHO HAD NO EXPERIENCE IN GYM OR NUTRITION read a script to me asking me about the diet and stuff didn't care if i did things wrong like it really discouraged me and made me realize it was a big scam.

Now that i am 375 my knees are no good. I cannot bare to walk long distances because i cant bare it. When i was pregnant it didnt hurt this bad. My back my siatica has been miserable. My reasoning for looking into the Gastric Sleeve Surgery is for myself and my son. I want to live to see my son grow. I want to be able to have another child. I canot have another one at this weight. I do not want to get to 400 plus pounds. I wouldnt be able to handle it. I have recently been diagnosed with a slow thyroid. I never ever had a thyroid problem growing up at all. Until now. My son is so active and I cannot get on the floor and if i do i honestly cannot get back up off the floor without someone helping me or without alot of stress pain and sweat. My son is growing and i want him active i want to take him to the park and for walks. I want to be able to put him into sports and take him to his practices or games.. LIKE this i know i wont be able to do it. I need to better myself for him. I need a real change in my life that will force me to stick with it..

My husband and I have been clashing about the surgery. he is telling me to do it on my own change my life and just diet. Its not easy. I can barely move my leg, my knee is totally shot. I need to lose the weight because to have surgery on my knee at 27 is something i really want to avoid. and he is a big guy to.. hes all gut. I love him chunky though he's a beautiful man who met me and took me out of a dark place in my life. He is hardworking loving great husband and father. He loves me and if i do decide this he will eventually have to support me for it.

I do not want this surgery for anyone else but me and my child. Doing this for me will benefit us drastically. Places will not hire you because of how you look. Who wants a 400 pounds teacher working for them. Right now I am a stay at home mom my husband wants me home with my son. I think the one thing that will honestly stop me is Medicaid. I have wellcare nj medicaid and no dr wants to accept it.



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Apr 13, 2015
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