at a loss

Apr 17, 2015

now i have no idea whats going on.. 1st dr that says they take it and now i cant find a ride to go 50 mintues to that office.. i called another dr today and they said THEY WORK with all insurances.. i have medicaid and they dont pay the whole bill.. so now im wondering if im going to get stuck spending money i do not have.. i dont have money.. i havent worked since june last yr when i went on maternity leave. idk i barely have any support.. everyone is against me and wants me to fail. but i need this i need this for myself i need this to be here for my son and to be able to play with my son i need this to be more active i do no want knee surgery.. i cant have a knee replacement at 27.. i need to be around and be there for my son.. and i want to be able to carry another baby one day.. i dont want to be near 400 pounds dying like its driving me crazy


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Apr 13, 2015
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