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May 07, 2015

So step 1 of going to the seminar and listening to the option again was step one.. the dr who does the surgery is there and he is actually only 1 city over.. a pyschotrist my dad does work for mentioned i wanted to do surgery he mentioned Dr. Jason Garrison in Jersey City NJ he did his surgery. and that the psych guy my dad konws will do my evaluation for Free which is great... so my consultation is june 23rd.. as soon i get paperwork to do my test i am jumping on it and hoping to get it all done before the end of summer .. he said usually 10 weeks is earliest he ever seen it .... well im praying that because the longer it takes the longer i have to change my mind and that i dont want to do.. i need this for me my husband and my beautiful baby boy i wanna play with him and be round forever for him


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