Nov 11, 2009

So apparently, I'm unrecognizable to people I haven't seen in a while because I was "introduced" to 2 people in the same week!

It was too funny because they both rent from me at my wellness center!  

The first time I had just gotten out of my car at the office and my renter Lisa walked up to me and said, "Hi.  You must be Alexis."  I was like, "Uh, no...LeJoy."  She nearly passed out!  She said I've lost SO much weight and my hair is different that it didn't even occur to her that I was me.

The second time it happened I went into my office to check my mail slot and renter Donna popped her head out while she was doing a session and said hi.  I swear I said, "Hi Donna."  Now tell me, would a perfect stranger say her name?  Well, I got my mail and went to the gym and nearly an hour later I got a call on my cell phone and it was Donna.  She said, "Le Joy was that you who came into the office tonight?  I don't know who else it could have been, but you don't even look like you!  You look GREAT!"

Now there are so many ways I could take that, (tee hee), but since I'm a cup half full kind of gal, I'm going to take it that I look even BETTER than they remember.  Not that I used to look like crap and NOW I look good.



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