Things are getting better...

Apr 26, 2011

I had a good Easter with my in-laws. I was able to see some of the relatives that I haven't seen since b4 my surgery and OMG! One of the uncles wasn't sure if it was me or not. Not until I spoke did they realize who Iwas! He gave me such a big hug and told me I looks fabulous and gorgeous...lookin' all skinny!  His partner was amazed and gave me a huge hug as well. It was just a great feeling. I also told them about how other family members thought that my hubby got a divorce and that I was the other woman! LMAO!  They busted up and said "Hey, there you go, work it!"
The rest I saw back in December for my father-in-laws surprise party and they saw that I lost alot more (30 lbs more) and some just couldn't believe it. Uncle Eli gave me a big hug and asked how I was doing and told me I looked great and that I should stay the weight I am. lol! He's the only one who can get away with that one!  lol! He's is just such a big sweetheart! No one was monitoring my plate or trying to push portions on to me either. It was great! I had a couple forbidden things but OMG!!! It's stuff I can't get regularly. It's a portugues pastry like a doughnut with sugar on it . Totally fried and yummy. I had one with strawberries and it was so awesome. I think it's called 'fioosh'. How ever you spell it or pronounce it,  it is delicious. 

My sons had a blast and it was so good to see the whole family. I love that I married into such a close family that are  the most beautiful people ever. I always felt welcomed and loved. They worry, but aren't over-bearing.

My hypoglycemia is getting a bit better. No attacks since the last one. Thank God! I found some glucose tablets to keep in my purse instaed of candy. That was a great find today! I'm on my last day of the antibiotics and now I'm detoxing from the pain medication. Man, that is very hard, but not bad. I've been on pain meds for almost a year for headaches! So I know there will be rough nights without it, but it's not something I need in my body anymore. I had a medium size headache yesterday and took a migraine pill...OMG..It hit hard and fast before I could get to my bed! I used to have to take the 3 I was allowed in a day and it wouldn't do anything . I was then allowed 6 in a day and after 5 it would start to help and I could then start to function...this time I only took one and it worked!!!!! YAY!  So I am very happy that things are getting better with my health, the $5 bras are awesome..I can't wait to go back and buy more clothes as well. My hubby was impressed with the selection of clothes I can now buy in that store called "Rainbow". And that they weren't too expensive either. I could do so much damage in  that store! lol! But to prevent a fight I'll take cash and no ATM cards in there with me. lol!
Me and my sweetheart Christian

Me and my babies (Gabriel and Christian)-This was as good as my Easter pic with my boys was gonna get! lol!Me (In my medium top!) and my hubby Easter 2011