updates and creativity...

Apr 29, 2011

I had alot more energy today! I finished all my antibiotics and have been off Vicodin for a while now. It's kinda hard to sleep. I can now feel all my aches and pains in my body from doing housework and picking up the kids all day. But SOOOOOO much better than before. I go back to the dentist on May 3rd to do the rest of my work on the right side of my mouth....3 fillings. So that should be the time that he re-checks the infected tooth to make sure I don't need another dose of antibiotics. I've had a few small headaches, but of course I can't have a break 'Aunt Flow' has to show up after 3 months witth no word! It's mainly cramps and headaches and just some spotting, but geez it's just irritating! I did alot more housework today without flipping out or getting upset about anything. I also made a baby blanket for a friend's baby shower. It came out pretty cute! And now I'm making one for my boys. I'm almost done with that one as well. I love making things. I can actually get down on the floor and not hurt while I make them.

Now I have a bit of a problem.....Not weight loss related, but...well, What would you do if someone asked your help on a BIG project and you agree to take it on to help her out...just for her to get the supplies and you have this big meeting to discuss ideas and then u don't hear from her and she took all your ideas and made them her own? Would you be pissed? Should I say something to her? She's gonna be family and I just feel like it's just poor form. I love her, but man! That really upset me. I don't want to sound petty, but people come to me for my creativity and ask ME to make things for them and this is the first time that someone has done that to me. I don't know it could be PMS feelings, but I just feel used. I'll post some of my work in a bit and let me know what you think.