To make a long story short.....(update)

Dec 31, 2011

I have had a follow up apppointment from my 2nd surgery, but I am going to catch you up on what has been going on. I was referred to a Standford Pain Management Specialist named Dr. Einar Ottestad. He is so awesome! I had a consultation with him on Oct. 31st and him and his team were great! WE all got together in one room to discuss a "game plan" and what to do as far as medication. The first thing was to get off all "opiods" (Vicodin, Oxycodone,Etc.) So then he put me on a nerve medication that had a dosing schedule. I have to take 3-4 pills 3 times a day! It helps, but OMG! I've been so full on medication that it has been hard to eat or even fit my vitamins the way I used to. So that part has been very hard. He then tells me about the procedure that he wanted to do. Now get ready for called a 'Right Sphenoid Palatine Blockade'. Now this is an injection that needs to be placed through the side my head and inject steroids and a numbing agent to the nerve as it comes out of my skull. Now here's the kicker...I am awake through thr whole thing with mild sedation! I see why, but geez! I have to tell them what it is I am feeling and where so they can get the proper spot for the injection. Well, this procedure was successful and I was told that it was a diagnostic surgery and that I would need to come back for a more permanent dose. We went in and crossed out fingers for at least a 24 hours of relief. I was very lucky and happy to have a glorious 10 days with no pain. I was completely happy.This was November 9th.
I wish I had good news about the 2nd procedure. I was scheduled for a Radio frequency version of the diagnostic procedure (where they heat up the nerve to help it heal). This was scheduled with a differnt doctor I had never seen before. His intern was very sweet but hit the bone after the 1st part of the procedure, which gave me so much pain and pretty much traumatized me.I had to get 2 doses of dilautted and 1 percocet before I went home. All pain meds we were trying to stay away from. I then went to the ER at home because the pain in my jaw was so bad I could barely talk. I went in and had a CT scan and they found that a glad was infected and doped me up on pain meds and antibiotics. So 10 hours later I was home and resting. I am still recovering. I just finished my 10 days of antibiotics and have to wait to have the next surgery. I have doen my blood work and done a follow up with the original doctor and made sure they knew how unahppy I was with the other doctor and refuse to be seen by anyone other than him. If he hand picks his interns I know I am in good hands and that he will be there as well.
So my last vist we found out that after the 2nd procedure that part of my right arm has some weakness and tingling. I have to get a CT of my arm and schedule some more procedures. So now I have to do another RF procedure after I heal from the lst one and need to be free from infection. And now I have to get botox shots in the back of my head to help with a seperate nerve. I have another nerve medication and it's helping, but it makes me so sleepy.
I just want to be pain free and only have Ottesstad take care of me. I have changed as a person and I don't like it. I haven't been able to cope with the pain and has been a raging Biotch! I have come close to losing my husband because I have been so hateful or just not present. I wanna sleep so much and get irritated if people ask me questions. It's been really bad. I just wanted to remove myself from everything. I was giving up! I hated my life and just wanted it all to end.I am getting better, but have to stay positive...this will be ok and I will get control over my life.