EAS 100% Whey Protein

"I wish it wasn't that much and hard to find, but I do love the taste of it and use it in my SF puddings! It makes them very yummy and easier to get down."

Patrick Coates

"I met Dr. Coates at the Gastric Bypass seminar and though that he was very informative and knew his stuff. I didn't see him after, but I know he was the one who did my surgery because he talked to my husband after. lol! I wish I would of been able to talk to him more, but I know he is excellent at what he does and I felt very confident that I was in good hands. The one thing my husband can say about Dr. Coates is that he has the softest hands he has ever felt! lol! In all seriousness Dr. Coates did answer all my questions during the seminar and has done very well with other people that I know that have had the procedure. Dr. Coates makes sure to emphasize the importance of after care and risks. This doctor knows his numbers and can tell you anything you need to know about having Gastric Bypass and what to expect. I say that he is an excellent Doctor, but almost like the Wizard of Oz..no one sees him, but all in all he's a great Doctor. His practitioners and staff are great and take very good care of you. Memorial hospital is awesome as well."

Memorial Medical Center

"I absolutely love this hospital. I had 2 of my children there and had an emergency operation for my gallbladder and now my gastric bypass surgery. They make me feel very comfortable and at ease while I am there and I trust my family is in good hands while they are there as well. They also do follow-up calls to make sure you are doing well. "