My name is Lesleigh.  I live in Georgia with my husband Bill.  I have two grown children, a daughter 19, and a son 27.    
  I have been battling with my weight since my mid 20's after being a normal sized child and teenager.  I was a very active youth, roller skated and had horses.  Eating was not the number one priority in my teens!   After my first child at age 21, I gained about 20 lbs.  And continued to put on weight thru my 20's,  going on different diets and trying to get my weight down.  Gaining more and more each time. I  also developed  high blood pressure in  my mid 20's.  I then developed Asthma, in my early 30's.  I have two brothers who have developed diabetes.  All of my 4 siblings are either overweight or obese. 
  In 2000 I first looked into WLS,  gastric bypass.  My PCP referred me to a surgean, and both agreed that surgery was a good option for me, being that I had co-morbidies, numerous failed diet attempts.  And, with my height at 5'1" and my weight at 240#.   (That's like 300 for you tall girls!)   I definately qualified.  Anyway, I had a date set for surgery and had done all my homework.  I was all psyched out and ready.  The insurance company turned me down.  Said it was cosmetic!  Hah!  I sulked for about 3 years,  and gave up. I didn't even try dieting for a long time.  I was sick.  I felt horrible.  I had no stamina.  I Had shortness of breath on the mildest exertion.  Walking to my mailbox wore me out for the day.  I had pain in my back hips, legs and feet.  
  I just kind of put it out of my mind and like many of you, just accepted that I was destined to be a "Fat Person".  
  I saw a commercial in August while I was on Vacation, and it hit me like a ton of bricks, maybe the insurance I have now will help me.  So I called personal choice Blue cross, and when the lady told me lap band and roux en Y, was covered, I cried!    The next thing I did was contact Emory Bariatric Clinic in Atlanta. and here I am....waiting for my appointment for psych evaluation.  I have sent the letters of medical necessity, and clearance, so this and the nutritional class is all I need to have all my packet sent to the ins. for final approval.  This is like a dream come true.  I am hoping I won't have to wait 6 months for my surg date, like alot of people have.  I am sooo ready for this.  Ready to live the rest of my life as a "normal" person.  I am sick of food.  Sick of it.  I am ready for jello and broth. If that is what it takes to be normal...bring it on!   I will post as soon as I get a date, and then begin to log my progress.  These posts have kept me going.  Thank you to all of those who have shared their stories!   Lesleigh in Ga.

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