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Dec 20, 2008

This one is another core exercise, and another one you can do without ANY equipment. It looks easy but can get tough if you do it correctly and can be done in a few different ways with varying degrees of difficulty. It's awesome for your buns!



Lay on your back, arms at your sides (helps with stability, as you get better at these, move your arms straight out over your head so you aren't using them to "help" you lift). Knees bent with your feet about hip width apart. Lift your butt off the floor until your body is a straight line from chest to knees. Hold for a 5 count and drop slowly back to the floor. Repeat. IMPORTANT: to get the most out of this exercise, while you are lifting squeeze those butt muscles together and tighten your abs by trying to pull your belly button towards your back bone. Do a few sets of these and you will feel it in your butt, legs, abs and back...

More advanced:

Sit in a "crab" style, supported by your arms AND legs while you do these:

Even MORE advanced (balance is an issue here):

Add the stability ball under your feet. This engages your hamstrings as well and you'll feel a burn.

Your core muscles are important to EVERY other exercise you do, all cardio, all strength workouts and also important to just living life. A strong core can help with posture, relieve back pain, even improve respiration. You have much less chance of injury while working out or doing anything at all strenuous if your core muscles are in shape!

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