I'm back

Jan 18, 2011

Been a year or two since I've been here, and I'm at the same place I was then.  Still can't stay under 200, but it is so much better than 365 or so.....  Having the surgery was one of the best and worse things I have done in my life.  Best because I feel better, and worst because I don't.  Seems that my 365 or so pounds supported a spine that was twisted and bulging and when that cushion was gone, I've been in constant pain ever since.  Surgery to correct that - NOPE - surgeon said too many levels for him to attempt.  Good - because I don't want another surgery for something that won't correct or cure the problem.  I've tried going back to the basics to lose again, but I just don't stick to it long enough - life gets in my way.  Too much stress - too many others that have to be taken care of.... When will I put my health and my goals first - maybe next week, or month, or year... Who knows?  God I suppose, but he's not letting me in on it...... Poor me.... blah, blah, blah!!!  Any ideas for keeping me on tract.... No follow up with Dr. Stegemann as I was lost in the shuffle of his group's changing location after location, and got tired of his staff not being able to code the visits correctly for him to get paid and got too expensive to pay for each visit out of pocket!!  Any ideas or recommendations are welcome!!


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