6 Years Later

Jun 28, 2007

4/16/12 118 pounds

It's been almost Seven months.  Wow ... I don't know what to say.  This last month has been so pivotal to me.  My weight loss has slowed down to a 'normal' weight and I've had so many WOW moments I can't even count:

- A co-worker who works in a home office and I see around monthly saw me in the hall and thought I was a new employee
- I fit into a pair of 9/10 jeans (they were snug and I'm sure a brand that runs a little big :)  )
- I discarded loads of clothes because they were just far too baggy to even be funny any more
- My boss told me I looked great
- He told me the same thing again a week later
- One of my team members told me I looked great
- I got brave enough to post my picture on my avatar
- I had fun window shopping swim suits
- I died my hair blonde and cut it short
- When I posted my picture on a different message board that I post on for one of my hobbies I got several compliments right away
- I started doing TaeBo which has resistance exercises and can see my body shape changing underneath what is left of my "fat layer" and skin
- My oldest daughter who graduated high school this year registered for college!!
- I started to learn how to roller blade
- I put down a deposit to take a short cruise in April!
- I weight 169.  Oh My Gosh I cannot believe the beginning numbers of my weight are "1" and "6" ... it absolutely amazes me

I quit smoking 10/15/2006 and I know if I ever have one more cigarette I will be hooked again.  It'd be a lot easier if we could do the same with food - cut ourselves off cold turkey and just never do it again.  How cruel to be forced to entertain an addiction in order to stay alive.  I'm certain that is my relationship with food.  I'm addicted to eating - the the feeling I get when sweets burst in my mouth or salt scratches my tongue.  I tell myself constantly EAT to LIVE not LIVE to EAT and remind myself that Nothing TASTES as good as THIN feels.  It is working.  I am losing not because I am mal-absorbing but also because I am eating FAR FAR better than I did a long time ago.  My pouch no longer limits me as it did post-surgery, but I've been able to develop the habits and build the positives of being a healthier weight to keep with it.


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