Three Month Follow-up Appointment - December 15, 2015

Jan 15, 2016

I just realized when I was updating my weight in the tracker that I forgot to write an update on my last apointment with Dr. Beausoleil. I was down 10 lbs I think, so they were happy with that. Everything was routine with Monique, in and out quickly. I didn't need to see Rhinette. The doctor's appointment was quick too, I let the doctor know that I had called the plastics office and was told it would probably still be another three months before I'd even be called and scheduled for an appointment. Dr. B. had figured I'd be in to see him within three months but because mine is elective / cosmetic, it's pretty low on the priority list. This was disappointing for me to learn because I'd hoped to have surgery over the winter but it looks more like spring at the earliest. I'm curious to hear the feedback at the plastics consult and find out pricing of course, and how they do it time-wise (arms first, stomach next, legs, or upper body and lower body?)

Dr. B. scheduled my next appointment for six months time which was fine with me. I'd like to say my eating habits have changed drastically since surgery but unfortunately, they haven't. I still struggle with making the right choices and this is easier some days then others. Summer and late fall is always a hard time weight wise for me. Lots of socials, beach time, gatherings in the summer, and tons of birthdays, thanksgiving, halloween, right into Christmas parties, socials, and baking in the fall. In December, I just stopped fighting it, especially the last two to three weeks. I gained 10 lbs but lost it in my first full week back 'at it' in January, so it was well worth it. I continued do work out an hour and a half to two hours a day, even though my eating was off track. I've renewed with my personal trainor for three months and am back in losing mode. I want to get as much off as possible before the plastics consult. I'm down 160 lbs and would be escastic to get another 15 - 20 lbs off. I've been with a trainer, working out seven days a week, since June (I get the odd Sunday off, maybe once a month or so) so I have lots of muscle. I figure I have a good 15 lbs of excess skin and would love to see that off the scale!