Hello fellow Waistline Managers!

I am Brad Collins a Paramedic from Kokomo, Indiana. I had my surgery in April of 2004 and lost 130 lbs in about 5 months. But then I stopped losing weight as I did not watch my diet and did not exercise. My stomach stretched back out some and I gained about 30 lbs. back and stayed there for about 3 years not loosing or gaining much at all. In October 2007 I found out that my wife is pregnant and when I went to my Doctors appointment in mid November 2007 I found out that my thyroid was out of control and my type 2 diabetes was not controlled as my A1C was high. I decided to do something about my weight and get back on track. I started eating right and exercising and I bought that book by Dr. Oz called "YOU on a Diet” I have learned a lot and now I am loosing weight again. I have lost 23 lbs as of January 24, 2008! I thought I would get back on here for some support and to give support to others.

Hope to talk to you!


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