Well, where do I start?  From the beginning . . . while my mom was pregnant with me, she drank a quart of chocolate milk a day!  So, I guess I developed a sweet tooth way before I even had teeth!  I started out as a small baby, developed into a rolypoly baby, trimmed down to a cute kid, and then plumbed up about when I was seven years old.  Well, the plumping up stayed with me except for a brief period of time as a teenager.  I was able to get all the way down to 130 (for one day!) but stayed around 145 up until I was about 20.  After that, I started gaining all the way up to 200 pounds by the time I was about 25.  I stayed in the 200 - 215 pounds stage for about five years.  I then gained up to about 245 - 265 for another five years.  I then went to a year long culinary academy when I was 35 years old and broke the 300 pound mark!  I lost back down after that to about 265, gained back up to 330, lost back down to 270, gained back up to 304, and lost again to where I am now, on this date I am 285 pounds!  Whew, not much of a roller coster, reads more like a long uphill hike!

In the past two years, I have developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Type II Diabetes.  I had a pulmonary embolism last year (four blood clots in my lungs) that could have killed me.  I am taking six different medications to control these issues.  I have the body of an unhealthy, very old woman.

Okay, name the diets, we all know them . . . but for me Atkins worked the best, but after three months, I would stop losing on it and I never did reduce the amount I ate because it didn't seem to matter on Atkins.  I did get really bored with it, though.

So I have finally admitted to myself that I simply eat too much food.  The thing that makes me different in my circle of friends and family is the quantity of food that I can eat.  Even when dieting and getting to the point where I have "shrunk" my appetite and am satisfied with what I think is a small amount of food, it still is nearly twice as much as my dining companion(s).  There are times when hunger will wake me out of a dead sleep. There are times when I've come home and am so hungry that I've devoured and entire grocery store roasted chicken.  They say a stomach is the size of a football - - I think my graduated to a basketball!  

I seem to have gotten the emotional eating under control over the past two years and all my outrageous cravings seem to have passed.  Yes, in the middle of a tremendous downpour one day, during rush hour, I had to go out and get the Popeye's Chicken that was 10 miles away.  The cravings were extreme, but seemed to leave when I got the emotional aspect of my eating revealed . . . interesting (at least to me).

I have a referral from my Kaiser primary care physician and have heard from their Bariatric facility.  I have an appointment for 12/11/07 for their 3 1/2 hour orientation!  I know there are a lot of tests ahead of me.  I hope I pass them all with flying colors and am approved for surgery.  

If I have approved, I will do something that I've seen others on the site do and have found interesting and helpful.  I will post not only my weight loss, age, and height, but I will add in my measurements.  It astounds me to see how many inches are lost with the pounds.  I hope you find it interesting as well - - but I will do it only if I get the surgery!  The pounds are bad enough to make public, but the inches are way too scary!!!

So thank you for reading my story . . . I hope to tell you about a happy ending, in time.

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