To start my story we will go back to my 5th grade year in school.. I didn't realize I was over weight or for that matter focus on dieting until we had a class project the whole 5Th grade class hat to be weighed in and i was sitting @ 201 lbs OMG .. That day i realized i wasn't a normal 11 year old I was extremely embarrassed especially when the teacher hung our papers in the hallway for all to see and after that i was at a loss for words.. I then became the BULLY or so called BULLY ( i don't understand how defending your self to rude name calling is a BULLY) but whatever........ in JR High i was also over weight and thru high school when i dropped out in 11th grade( ik.. stupid but i couldn't take the ridicule any more).. @ 17 I met my Husband @ 18 i had my 1st child 20 i had my second child and @ 22 i had my 3rd child.. ( see the pattern) i was already overweight and pregnancy every 2 years doesn't help weight loss.... Ive tried so many diets thru the years i couldn't even name them all. Low fat low carbs low cal. otr diet pills joined a gym did weight watchers slim fast etc...... sure id loose a few lbz and by that i mean 5 to 10 lbs but after a while id get discouraged and QUIT @ 28 I'm 330 lbs and i said to my self NO MORE i cant live like this any more. its gotten so bad i don't wanna leave my home my anxiety is thru the roof.. i try to do things with the family but i get so over anxious and start to have panic attacks because I'm afraid of the OUT SIDE world ( the dirty looks the comments the snickers and giggles when i walk by)  no including the fact that now i have high blood pressure and have to be on medication to manage it also on lasix because of swelling in mu feet and legs. So I've decided this year is the YEAR... i go for my first appt with a surgeon on may 9th i realize my surgery will be 3 to 6 mos from this date but this is a start!!!!! MY NEW START..

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