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May 04, 2011

Ok so 14 weeks out!!!!! I made it . lol
ok lets go back to surgery day!!
I had surgery @ 11am on august 31st 2011
My first surgery seemed to go ok. I remember waking up in an icu room. my family was their, and the Dr's were looking up @ my monitor saying her heart rate shouldnt be that high, somethings wrong go get Dr Ramaswamy.
This was 4 hours after surgery. Dr Ramaswamy came back in and looked at the monitors and said we need to get her back in surgery. I remember they had me sign another paper and off i went to a second surgery. I had internal bleeding and lost 7 pints of blood. It was all in my intestines and pouch. They opened my pouch and had to suck all the blood and clots out of my intestines and pouch. I was transfused with 7 pints of blood, I had a central line in my neck and 4 other ivs they used for fluids and medication to save my life. When I woke up from my second surgery I had a tube down my throat breathing for me, It freaked me out.. I started trying to pull it out and they tied my hands down. They let my mom and husband in the sicu (surgical i c u) to see me and my mom said i had tears comming down my face and was trying to tell her to pull the tube out even though i couldnt talk. My mom told the nurse that she needed to do something and the next thing I know im waking up again with no tube down my throat. But i still couldnt talk my throat hurt so bad from me trying to pull it out. I stayed in the hospital for 6 more days. I wasnt allowed out of bed for the first 4 days My heart rate took 3 days to get back to normal it was so high at 1 point they had a crash cart next to me. ok the 4th day i was able to get up and shower and walk. Pain was managed pretty good in the hospital. On day 5 they started me on liquids by mouth after several test to make sure i didnt have any leaks or bleeding. I came home on day 7. it was a very painful 2 hour ride home. they had me on liquid percocet. 
     Things SLOWLEY started getting better I was on a liquid diet for 2 weeks after surgery then got to slowley introduced scrambled eggs and other soft foods. It was rough..

But im 14 weeks out now, Im doing good for the most part. I can eat pretty normally now and protein is getting a lil eaiser. im down 78 lbs in 14 weeks and 113lbs total. ( I lost 35lbs pre surgery)     

My semenar was on 4-25-2011
My pcp did blood work and labs on 4-28-2011
pcp sent in my referal on  4-29-2011
My first appt with my surgeon  5-9-2011
sleep study 5-16-2011
2nd sleep study 6-25-2011
my psych eval is set for 6-6-2011DONE! @ CLEARED FOR SURGERY!! YAY
Surgeon sent in paperwork for my approval to the insurance on 6-6-2011.. WAITING FOR APPROVAL... keeping my fingers crossed
pft test 6-17-2011
sleep study dr 7-25-2011
Things are goin good so far ive lost 15 lbs on my own but still a long way to go!


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