Apr 05, 2012

Happy Good Friday~!

I went to see shin yesterday.. first time since Sept I believe..he said i was down 22 pounds but I weighed in at 183.... my scale goes from 1777-183 depends on the time of day, if i have had a BM  lol... but he as please with my progress. I told him that I am happy with my band at this time . .and he was happy with my loss. He says he wants me to lose just 15 more pounds!!!! 15 I thought!!! Thats not near my goal of 150... but oh well!..... then the shocking words of him saying how he wants me to think about untightening my band ...to thinnk about this hard..... because peope do survive eating 1,200 calories a day with being restricted........i dont know about this now... i wasnt NOT expecting to EVER get it undone as long as it took it get my sweet spot!.......I do see his point of view because I do find myself not having lunch with the girls at work , to avoiding social sitiations like that altogether... but that I can live with! ....I know myself all to well and I do belive I will go back to my wicked eating ways..... Have to wait and see!.


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