Conclusion Of The Practice Report - Features Of Writing And Design


The defense of the practice will not take place if there is no conclusion of the report on it. This is the final stage of the work, which needs to be paid special attention. Think about whether you need expert help from write my papers before undertaking this task. The better the conclusions are, the fewer questions the teachers will have. Already, at least, therefore, it is worth taking the time to study the nuances and subtleties.


Conclusion of the report on practice: we understand the concept


Practical training activities should be summarized. This is drawn up in the form of brief summaries of everything that happened during the period of the student's work in the company, organization, institution. As such, it's a valid strategy to utilize help edit my paper when doing it. It is important to prove that you did not just sit and drink coffee, but completed a whole range of tasks, put your knowledge into practice, and gained invaluable experience. What do you need to know?

  • The conclusion has a volume of 6-12 sentences. No more. This is a brief summary of the main thing, and not a retelling of everything seen, done, heard.
  • The basis for preparing this passage is a practice diary. Yes, yes, it should be conducted and viewed as a landmark and a thesis description.


The conclusion has a certain structure and mandatory points, namely:

  1. What is the correct name of the organization, company, institution where the practice took place?
  2. What are the deadlines for this stage?
  3. What functional responsibilities were assigned to the trainee?
  4. What are the main results of the internship? What is their brief analysis?
  5. What can be counted among the achievements of the trainee during the period of work?
  6. What are the conclusions and recommendations on the result of practical work?


Based on the conclusion, the teacher will draw conclusions about the results, significance and usefulness of the work. To get the highest-quality work, writing a book report should be done with help from outside. A curator from the university and from the organization sets certain tasks and goals - you, respectively, achieve / fulfill them. The result is the required score, the defense of the thesis, the development of connections for the future (it depends on the practice).


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