Tomorrow I am getting CUT THE F' up!!!

Feb 01, 2011

Wahoooooo! So tomorrow it my surgery day...I hope. I say this because I was sappose to recieve a phone call yesterday (monday) from the nurse and alas closing time rolled around and still no call. I called and left a message with them on their voice mail and had still not heard anything back at 11 this morning so I called them and was put through to the nurse's voicemail. Hrrrrrm. I am sappose to drink the Magnesium Citrate (Hurricane Maggie- hehe) 15 minuets ago and really i'd like to either get to or push it to the back of my fridge if I have to. I figure if I havent heard from them by 11:30 though I am just going to take it and if by chance they for whatever reason reschedule me I will just poop into a bag and mail it to them (ok maybe not but haha I am a tad cynical and it crossed my mind).

While I am writting here I have to say how WONKY my past weeks horoscopes are. Now I am not a daily horoscope person because I feel like that is a bit phooey but MAN there is a guy named Rob who I get horoscopes from and he does ones that are a tad out there (he is a very kooky little man). So here is my most recent:

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): In the early 20th century, many women at
the beach covered most of their bodies with swimsuits made of wool. If
they went in the water, they'd emerge about 20 pounds heavier.
Swimming was a challenge. Your current psychic state has resemblances
to what you'd feel like if you were wearing drenched woolen underwear
and a drenched woolen clown suit and a drenched woolen robe. My
advice? Take it off; take it all off. The astrological omens are clear:
Whatever your reasons were for being in this get-up in the first place are
no longer valid.

SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA! get outta town! I kid you not this was my recent horoscope! And then my beautiful amazing friend Margot sent me this other one (she is also an Aquarius) and it stated something about being on a diet and how instead of thinking of how I am denying myself of things to think of all the new that is going to come my way. CRAZZZZZZZY stuff in horoscope land I am telling you!


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