Birthdays and Re-Births

Feb 08, 2011

And on the 8th day The Goddess created ME! So today is my birthday and I am 6 days post-op. I DID IT!!! I had my re-birth! My innerds have been smacked flipped and rubbed down. They were able to do it via scope (there was a bit of worry about this being I have a big history of pancreatitis which can cause serious scar tissue inside). I also had a liver biopsy done at the same time so I have an additional cut to my abdomin. 7 cuts total. I am a very pale woman so these cuts look pretty gnarly but I have to say 6 days out and they do not hurt nearly as bad as I had anticipated. 

Morning of surgery went well except I couldn't pee for them for about an hour and a half. Finally trickled it out and off I went. I warned them that I curse like a sailor when I come off anesthesia and I don't know if they totally believed me because they seemed rather shocked when I woke up and laughed while telling me how I call them all Fuckers and Cunts and proclaimed that I would pee on the bones of the priest who baptized them. ummmmmm Hey! I warned them!

Went up to my room and I had it to myself for a good portion of the day then at night got a roommate who had no issues declaring how they did NOT want to be sharing a room with me. Hate to break it to ya ma'am but I don't think anyone in the hospital really WANTS to share a room. Then it came time to walk, I was off! I did 4 laps the first night and that was enough for me. Slept the rest of the night. Woke up and managed to walk another 6 laps as well as start my oral liquid diet. all went well and then came lunch which also seemed to go down well.

I have to say I heard that your body would just be like DING! I AM FULL! but didn't so much believe it but it's TRUE! It is totally true! You have to be tuned in to your bodies reactions to things but it will all come to you. 

So I regret nothing but have to tell you this:

-you WILL gain a bit of weight when they hook you up to the IV at the hospital. This is meerly liquids and you will loose it afterwards quickly.

-you WILL feel rediculously bloated from them inflating your innerds with air during surgery. You will have left over gases from the surgery that your organs absorbed and you will feel what is like a mix between a burp and a hiccup. Sometimes out your butt too. (Took a few days for my intestines to start up again so I didnt get this part)

-you WILL hurt but it will hurt alot less than some of the complications that comes from being overweight.

That is all I have for right now as I am still on the pain meds and get crazy sleepy at random times sooooo I am off to take a nap. Thank you for all of you who sent kind words to me!


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