A Little Over The 2 Month Mark

Apr 18, 2011

Well the 2nd was my 2 month mark post-op and I figured "HEY this may be a good time to update" So here goes:

I am now on a full diet and seem to be tolorating everything well so far except for beef and doughier textured things. They seem swell going down however maybe 10 minuets into it and POW it's coming back up. Let me tell you when you chew your food down to the consistency of apple sauce it comes up alot easier than it did pre-op when I would just hork my food down.

I am a pale one so alas my scars are still a nice shade of strawberry against my snow-white skin. I had my gall-bladder removed prior to having gastric and those healed and have lightened ALOT so I am hoping these ones follow suit. The only one that has me in question is the one where I slipped the stitch on it. (I walked 4 Miles 3 days after surgery and then also found myself in a childrens bounce house prior to my 2 week- HEY It was the first time I could shimmy my big ol butt through the jump house door I HAD TO DO IT!)

I have had a few minor plateau moments (mostly around period time- I am a bloater to the fullest degree) and had to put away the scale for a few days at a time as I was catching myself checking my weight 5-7 times a day and alas that is NOT a healthy thing to do. I have one of those scales that measures down to the ounce and seriously sometimes I will pee almost a POUND and it is silly and facinating to me!

Now here comes in some HRUMPH moments:
I have started noticing hairloss not in the way my actual hair looks but in the hairbrush and also when I take showers and run my fingers through my hair. I have started using rogain for women to try and get some new growth started ASAP. Fingers crossed that I don't have TO much loss but hey if nothing else I am pretty good with extentions and I can rock a wig like a son of a gun!!!

I have also come to a conclussion this past week. I have now officially slid into a phase of body dysmorphic disorder. I see my health changing, I see my medications going away, I see my measurements changing, I see the numbers on my scale going down, people noticing differences, however I also "SEE" myself in the mirror looking the same way I did 6 or so years ago in my worst health and my highest weight.

Getting ready for the day has now turned into a very depressing and frusterating portion of my day. My regular go to outfits no longer fit. I went from owning 19 pairs of jeans to now owning 1 that fits me without it looking like I have taken a huge dump in them. I have resorted to wearing mainly dresses not for the enjoyment of feeling dainty but to avoid trying to find a pair of pants to wear that don't make me want stab myself.

This is a change that I needed to make for my health and well being and this is all stuff that I was aware would come with this change but I thought I would be able to deal with it alittle better than I am. I was not the girl who was ever "concerned" looks wise at any portion of my life. I've always been a take me as I am or leave me sort of gal however I wish I could just kind of relay that message to myself in terms OF myself. Dresses for the WIN!


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