Second Sleep study w/ CPAP

Dec 05, 2010

Well.....It was very uncomfortable. Getting use to something over my nose and mouth takes extreme energy for me. Because I'm a little claustrophobic.
I caught myself holding my breath when the flow of air was strong. Almost like when you are riding a Roller coaster. The wind is rushing in your face. Yeah about the same as that.
So now I call tomorrow remind them I have surgery in two weeks so I need my CRAP ...... oh I mean my CPAP machine ASAP. And also I am working on my attitude. This is so post to be a good thing..


Next Step

Nov 30, 2010

Okay. Sleep test done. Saturday I am going back for the Second part. I guess they fit me with the ole mask and air. Sounds like a fun night sleep to me. lol. I do hope I sleep better. I don't think I know what a good night sleep is. I hope I find out.
I am on pins and needles. I should hear any day about my surgery date. I have found out I am not a patient person. I am ready and it is hard to wait.
I have to remember one step at a time. "How do you eat a bear?" One bite at a time.


Sleep Study

Nov 27, 2010

Well Last night I had my sleep study. It was not fun but not a terrible as I thought it would be.
I tried to fall asleep at 9:30. I should of fallen off like a rock. I barely slept the night before. Well I felt Like I tossed and turned forever. Well now I am waiting to find out the results. We'll see I guess. The tech said I have a few issues. Hum...Wonder what that means.


Getting ready

Nov 24, 2010

Well I have gone to the Nut and Psych. All went well I have talked to the sleep Apnea Dr. and Sleep over is Day after Thanksgiving. 
I had upper GI today YUCK. And I have already started Optifat 800 Diet.
Now it is a waiting game. Paperwork sent out on Monday, hoping insurance answers quickly.


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