"Christy! You're gonna be late!"

"Just a minute, mom! Be right down!" Christy yelled from her bed. She was already dressed and ready for school but had one leg of her jeans off so she could lay with her legs spread. Her pink lace panties - a choice made first thing after she woke up - were pulled to the side, allowing her fingers direct access to the furious rubbing that they were now performing.

She couldn't help it. Every time she closed her eyes, the mental image of Charlie's cock, wavering through the water, was there. Her clit tingled just at the thought of it. Hard in her hands, so hard. Right there in front of her. Leading him around by it. That explosion.

Christy opened her eyes and checked to make sure she wasn't making a mess of herself. She tasted her fingertips: mild but tangy. The taste of sex.

"Christy! Are you awake!?" Her mom from downstairs.

"One second! Geez!" She yelled back.

Christy reached for her purse and fished her phone from it. Awkward, she flipped it open one-handed and reached down to position the camera. The result was blurry and pixelated, nothing approaching the quality that you'd see online, but she could still make out how she glistened beneath her light covering of hair. Her clit was hard and red, pale white skin framing the delicate flower. She hit 'Send.'

Phone thrown aside, Christy got down to the serious business of cumming. She slid her hand down until her clit nestled between her middle and forefinger and got to work. Now when she closed her eyes, it was Charlie's cock shooting that first spurt of milky white cum into the water. The thick white stream quickly splitting and curling into floating clouds of gray like pouring creamer into coffee.

She re-lived each spurt over and over in slow motion in her head while her arm began to ache. His head... so big, each shot so forceful, distorted by the motion of the pool. She wanted that inside her. She wanted to taste it. She pictured the same thing happening into her mouth, filling her up. She pulled away to stick her fingers, now drenched, into her mouth. Sucking them clean, squeezing her kegels, bucking her hips, she tried to imagine it was Charlie's cum in her mouth instead of hers. She was getting close best porn sites

"Christy! Do I have to come up there!?"

"I'LL BE RIGHT DOWN!!!" Christy figured she'd have to apologize for that once she got downstairs but jesus, her mom really knew how to ruin a moment. Christy glanced at the clock: 7:29. Her mom was right. Susan would be pulling up any second. Damn it.

After a moment of resigned defeat, Christy pulled her panties back into place, letting them soak up her wet (she thought Charlie might like that), then brought her legs together so she could slide her jeans back on. Standing up to get them snug and button the waist, she grabbed her phone, purse, and bookbag then headed downstairs.


In the car, Christy searched for a decent song amongst the sea of morning radio crap.

"So how'd it go yesterday?" Susan asked.

Christy could only giggle in reply. "It went great."

"Where did you go? I looked for you two after school. Figured I could give you a ride home or wherever."

"Charlie's friend took us to this house," Christy answered. "It was actually kind of weird, this old rich lady. But she left us alone and she had a gigantic pool."

"Ooh la la Like the Playboy Grotto!" Susan smiled and elbowed her friend in the side. "Hopefully you didn't drown."

"...hanging in the water like clouds." "Not quite, we didn't have much time," Christy said.

"So is he hung?" Susan asked. "You have to give me details."

"I think he is? I'm not sure. He felt big in my hand."

"What about other places?" Susan laughed.

Christy only smiled in reply as they pulled into the school parking lot.


Christy - 07:27 AM:

Charlie - 07:28 AM: OMG. u r amazing! Wish I ws there!

Christy - 09:33 AM: Maybe u can b. After school?

Charlie - 09:33 AM: I'll find Drew, see if we can go back 2 that house

Christy - 09:34 AM: I'd like that :)

Charlie - 12:24 PM: I can't find Drew anywhere. I think he's out sick :(

Christy - 12:57 PM: nooooooo

Charlie - 12:57 PM: totally. :(

Christy - 01:31 PM: do u think we could go anyway?

Charlie - 01:31 PM: like, just showing up? Last time, Drew called ahead to see if it was ok

Christy - 01:31 PM: Yeah but just to use the pool again? She left us alone last time

Charlie - 01:32 PM: ...yeah, but Drew was there. I think she was hanging w him

Christy - 01:32 PM: We could try though. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

Christy - 02:12 PM:

Charlie - 02:55 PM: Meet me at the bike racks. The house isn't 2 far..


Christy rode Charlie's bike in lazy zig zags down Ridgecrest Drive as Charlie kept pace with her on the sidewalk. "Is it that one?" She asked. It was harder than she anticipated since, in this neighborhood, most of the houses were hidden by gates and fences.

"It's a little further I thought. I feel like it was on a cul de sac, right?"

They turned down Rosewood Circle and gave the facades a glance. There were only four entranceways off the stubby street, the last one on the right looking familiar with its black wrought iron surrounded by hedges and rose bushes. The gate was open.

As they approached, Christy recognized the lawn and private drive leading back to the big house. She hopped off Charlie's bike. "What do you think?"

Charlie pointed to a small metal sign hung next to the gate saying "WARNING: This property protected by ADT Security."

"I don't know," he said. "We aren't exactly invited."

Christy pulled on his arm. "She knows us! She just met us yesterday, it's not like she's gonna call the cops." Seeing the uncertainty on his face, she leaned in and whispered "my pussy is so wet right now." She wasn't lying. The constant grinding on the bike seat has turned her on like a faucet.

Charlie's face immediately loosened. He looked down as if to check. She took his face in her hands and brought it back up to look in her eyes. She nodded. He nodded in turn.

They walked Charlie's bike up the private drive to the familiar parking circle. Leaving the bike where Drew parked his car yesterday, they approached the front door and rang the doorbell.

They waited.

After thirty seconds, Charlie said "Maybe we should-"

Christy rang the doorbell again.

Christy could feel his anxiety rising. Perhaps hers would be too if she hadn't spent all day fantasizing about this. By third period she had visualized a plan of what she wanted to do with him, to repay him for what she had given her yesterday. The house being vacant was not part of her plan.

Just as her confidence started to wane, she saw the light shift behind the peephole and knew that everything would work out. Jo answered the door in a white terry cloth robe that enveloped her. Her shoulder length hair hung damp and soaked its shoulders.

"What a pleasant surprise! It's Drew's friends Charlie and Christy. What can I do for you two?"

"Well," Charlie started. "We thought..."

"We thought we might take another swim," Christy finished for him. "We had a lot of fun yesterday and the weather's so nice again today."

Jo smiled and said "Of course, come in. It's just that... Do you happen to know Trevor and Anna?"

"Trevor... Anderson?" Charlie asked. Trevor Anderson was the starting quarterback of the football team, not to mention a senior. Everyone in school knew of him, although neither Christy nor Charlie rated high enough on the social scale for him to recognize either of them.

"Yes, that's him." Jo read their faces easily enough. "Well, now might not be the best time to meet them. How about we do this... Follow me."

Closing the door behind them, Jo immediately led them upstairs to one of the guest rooms. "This is my son Mark's room. He's away at college so he won't mind you two hanging out here for a while." She paused and studied their faces. "Is this ok? If you wanted to swim you could come back tomorrow?"

Christy smiled and said "This is great. Thanks, Jo."

"You two have fun," Jo said as she closed the door behind her hot free cams


Christy looked out the bedroom window at the expansive front lawn and the cul de sac beyond. Leaning over, she could see Charlie's bike right where they left it. "Jo's pretty cool. It seems like she knew why we came over."

"Yeah..." Charlie said quietly. "I think Drew comes over for the same reason."

Christy turned from the window smiling. "Now, Charlie..." She stepped into him and gave him a deep open kiss, parting her lips to let him know his tongue was safe. The mere feel of his lips on hers stoked the warm oven between her legs. Pulling away from the kiss, she whispered "I want you to do something for me."

"A...anything," Charlie muttered.

Christy led him to the side of the bed where she pushed him to sit down. Then she knelt on the floor, being sure to bend forward and give him a view of the black lace bra she had on underneath her V-neck tee, and started untying his shoes.

Pulling his socks off, she next moved up to his belt, pushing him back onto his elbows as he watched her work. She had a little trouble with his button fly - she had never attempted it on anyone else before - but soon enough his jeans were open and she was taking hold of them at his hips. He lifted off his ass as she pulled them down to his knees. His cock flopped up and hit his belly as she slid his boxers down. Now scooching back, she managed to pull his pants and underwear completely off.

Settling in closer, nuzzling between his knees, she took his cock in her hand. It was warm to the touch. Now her line, which she had carefully thought out somewhere during her lunch break: "I've been wanting to taste you for so long, Charlie."

Before he could answer, she dipped her head down onto his cock, letting it slide between her open lips.

The feeling of it in her mouth consumed her. Christy couldn't understand how it could feel so soft and so hard at the same time. This was nothing like her sister's heavy rubber dildo or the tiny hard plastic vibrator that Susan had gotten her for her 15th birthday. She could feel his heart beating with her tongue. His scent flooded her nose, coming off his crotch in waves of musk. It smelled completely different... so... masculine.

"Uhh.. ahh" he gasped.

She immediately withdrew, afraid she'd hurt him. She'd heard stories of how much it hurt guys if you used your teeth and was deathly afraid of doing that to her Charlie, especially not on this first most perfect occasion. "What's wrong? Did I-"

A stream of hot jizm shot directly into her eye. She couldn't help but let out a tiny scream as the stinging surprise shocked her. Her eyes squinched shut; she felt another hot rope land in her hair. Some splashed against her cheeks and lips. She blew out to breathe and felt some burn against her neck just above her shirt. She reached out blindly and felt Charlie's cock pulsing wildly; another spurt landed square on her forehead and ran down the side of her nose.

In that moment with her eye on fire, all of her plans for a perfect afternoon went up in smoke. Everything she had thought about, planned out in intricate detail, it was ruined all over her face. She didn't even get to taste any of it because she was too busy trying to breath. It was the worst thing that had ever happened to her.

She got to her feet and ran from the room. She heard Charlie say "Wait! I'm sorry..." but she was already halfway down the hall, searching with one eye barely open for something approximating a bathroom.

Christy found it just shy of the end of the hall next to the master bedroom. She rushed in, flipped the lights on and slammed the door shut behind her. She found herself standing in front of a mirror, surveying the damage. Her right eye was already an angry red, stinging with what looked like pearlescent tears dripping from her eyelashes. Heavy globs of cum spotted her hair, slicked her cheek and, by far the worst, soaked a clear spray into her tee. How could she clean that up!? She'd get home and her parents would know immediately. They'd see the cumstains on her shirt. See the redness in her eyes. She could wipe it off her face but how could she get it out of her hair? Visions of that movie with Cameron Diaz flashed before her.

Tears welled up. Her breath hitched. She closed her eyes and started to cry.


Christy stood and sobbed in the bathroom. Her tears mixed with Charlie's cum and started to stream down her face. There was a knock at the door, followed quickly by someone opening it.

"Don't mind me I'm just grabbing some..." Jo's voice fell off as Christy whirled toward the door and tried to open her good eye. She saw a blurry version of Jo standing in the doorway completely nude.

"Privacy!" She screamed, her voice hitching with sobs. "Jesus!"

Jo shook her head and put her back against the door, closing it behind her. "There are no locks in this house... it looks like he really got you. Here, let me help." Jo crossed past Christy and pulled a small ottoman up to the bathroom counter. "Sit, here," she prompted Christy, gently guiding her arm until Christy sat down on the soft cushion.

"The first step is to stop crying. What's got you so upset?" Jo asked.

"Isn't it obvious!" Christy shouted. "Look at me!"

"It looks like you had some fun. There there, dear. This is nothing! Calm down. Is it because it got in your eye?" Jo returned to the cabinet she had opened before and pulled out a few hand towels. "Is that what's wrong?"

"It's all over! My parents! There's no way.... Don't you see?" Christy's words were hard to make out between her heaving cries.

Jo shook her head. "Nobody will know," Jo cooed, gently rubbing Christy's back. "This is simple. Just watch, ok? Calm down and see how easy it is. Jo turned on the sink faucet and wet down a corner of a hand towel. "First we get the big stuff. Close your eyes for me." Jo administered the cool damp cloth in careful sweeps up Christy's face, wiping away the semen plastered against her chin, cheeks, and forehead. "Doesn't that feel good?"

Christy's sobs started to lessen, her breath settling. "Yeah," she admitted.

Jo made careful work of Christy's face, wetting down the other side of the towel to take a second pass. "I'm getting around your eyes now ok? Keep them closed." Jo scooped cum out from around Christy's covered eye. " Ok now hold on."

As Jo rummaged through a drawer, Christy tried to open her eyes. Her face was now clear but the stinging in her right eye had not abated. "Am I going to get Pink Eye?" She asked.

Jo chuckled. "Highly unlikely, dear. It will sting for a while but we can help with that. If your parents notice, just tell them you were rubbing your eye because a bug flew into it or something. It will look close to normal. Now tilt your head back." Jo took a bottle of saline and slowly dribbled it down onto Christy's eye, flushing it clear. Then she took a bottle of visine and squeezed out three drops. "Very good. That should start to feel better any minute."

Christy regarded herself in the mirror, now just sniffling. "What about my hair? Should I shower?"

Jo gave Christy's head a once over and said "I'll get most of it out. Shower when you get home but you should look ok at a glance." She bent back into the drawer and pulled out a comb which she ran under the cold water tap to soak the teeth.

"You... you're so naked," Christy remarked.

Jo nodded. "I sure am. I left my swimsuit downstairs, came up for a dry robe." She ran the comb through Christy's hair, catching the semen in cold water and combing it out. "Use cold water with your hair. Warm water will make the sperm break down and it'll be impossible to get out, ok?"

Christy nodded. "Thanks for helping me. I was really upset."

"Yeah I saw that. It's ok honey. Was this your first time doing any of this?"

Christy nodded again then looked down at her shirt. "Oh my shirt. It's soaked."

"Pop it off, honey. I'll soak it in some cold water then we'll let it dry. It'll be like new."

Christy started to bring the tee up over her head then hesitated.

"Don't worry, dear," Jo said. "It's nothing I don't have myself"

Christy figured that if Jo was going to stand there stark naked then she shouldn't feel self-conscious about taking her shirt off. She pulled it over her head and handed it over.

"Pretty," Jo said as she motioned toward Christy's black lace bra. "Is that what made him pop?"

Christy shook her head. "He didn't even get to see it. They're a matching set I borrowed from my sister. I had this whole... plan... and he didn't get to see any of it."

Jo nodded, finally understanding the tears. "Why don't you go back in there and try again?"

"Try again?" Christy said, confused. "Isn't he... I mean once a guy..."

Jo chuckled. "You're afraid the tank is empty?"

Christy nodded.

"Oh honey, that's the best part," Jo squatted down on her knees, getting eye to eye with Christy. "They always make more."


Christy opened the bedroom door slowly, peeking inside to see what Charlie was doing. He sat on the bed, fully clothed, with his head in his hands. As he heard the door open he looked up.

"Christy I'm so sorry I..." his voice trailed off as he took in the sight of her  best indian porn sites

Christy stepped into the room wearing only her black lace panties and matching bra. Taking Jo's instructions to heart, she stopped for a moment to let Charlie look at her, smirking as she watched his eyes travel up and down her body. The attention had an effect on her; she felt herself blush, her nipples harden. The disaster of twenty minutes ago was already fading from her mind.

Charlie stood. "Wow, you're so... beautiful."

He started to walk toward her but Christy met him half way, her hands finding his re-fastened belt. She opened it faster this time, popping the button fly of his jeans. Thankfully he had not yet put his shoes and socks back on.

"Yeah?" Charlie asked, voice soft.

"Yeah," Christy answered, pulling his shirt up over his head as his jeans fell to the ground.

Charlie shimmied out of his boxers and sat down on the bed. Christy told him to scoot up into the middle and saw, just as Jo had promised, that he was already hard again as he complied. She then stepped around to the foot of the bed and slowly stepped forward onto her hands and knees. He naturally spread his legs as she crawled on the bed toward him, leaning in to give him a full passionate kiss.

She felt his tongue dart between her lips, rub against hers. She reciprocated then slid her mouth down to nibble on his bottom lip as she pulled away. She then put a hand against his chest and pushed him down against the pillows as she slowly trailed kisses down the side of his neck. From there she kissed her way further down his chest onto his stomach, keeping eye contact as she slowly lowered her body onto his legs. She watched as his breath quickened, making his flat stomach rise and fall in hitching waves. She brought her head down further, settling her shoulders between her knees, sliding down onto her belly and bringing her feet up over her ass. Now she was looking up at his face with his erection breaking her right eye's line of sight.

She considered it for a moment. This was the first time Christy had really had a good look at a penis in real life. She still marvelled at how soft his skin was even though the dick itself stood straight up.From this angle, she could see how the ridge of his head curved up in the center to join just below the slit. She kissed him there. Softly. Letting her lips brush against him and inhaling his scent.

He was staring at her mouth. She watched him watch her as she slowly slid her tongue out and licked that same spot, taking his shaft in one hand and squeezing gently. His body radiated heat. She felt her own furnace burning between her legs, pushed into the bedding. He realized that she was looking at him, looked up and made eye contact with her. She slid the head into her mouth.

That soft sponginess again, soft yet hard, unlike anything she had ever felt. Remembering Jo's instruction, she ran her tongue along the underside of it back and forth as she softly suckled the head. Her hand gently stroked up to meet her lips.

Charlie's eyes rolled back and his head fell backward. She heard his moan, felt it in her mouth. A great pulse of blood pushing through him. She never felt she could feel anyone this closely. She lowered her head and took more of him into her mouth.

The first time down she was curious to see how much she could take before it hit the back of her throat. She got about two thirds of the way down - enough to where she had to let go with her fist and just hold him with her thumb and index finger - before she felt the blunt end of his cock push against her tonsils. Jo had told her to not panic and just breathe out if she found herself about to gag, but for now it was fine. Instead, she concentrated on making enough spit to coat his shaft before slowly bringing her head back up, running her tongue along the underside of it as it slid out of her.

"Do you like that, Charlie?" She thought to herself. Her mouth was too full to say anything. She bore down again, this time trying to take more, to see if she could push it between her tonsils. She had neglected to take a breath though and felt her lungs burning just as she got where it started to push past. Immediately she felt her throat tighten, her stomach clench. She Popped the cock out of her mouth as fast as she could, gasping for breath and trying to calm herself.

Things were going considerably better this time around. She smiled, looking up at Charlie. His head had fallen all the way back. He was either looking up at the ceiling or had his eyes closed. Looking back down at the matter at hand, she found a string of spit connecting his cockhead to her lips. "Perfect," she thought as she went in for more.

Again following Jo's direction, Christy now started to suck in earnest. She wrapped a hand around his shaft and stroked him as she bobbed her head up and down, concentrating on controlled breaths each time she came up, dipping down until she felt him at the back of her mouth, not daring to go further and risk throwing up all over him. "That would definitely ruin the memory," she thought to herself, "and besides... I have plenty of time. Just like Jo said: they always make more."

Charlie's moans picked up. She felt his thighs start to tremble. His cock, now slick with Christy's spit, slid easily into her mouth. "That's it, baby. You know what I want." Christy gripped tighter with her hand, sucked a little harder, took him a little faster. She felt her panties sticking to her below, soaking herself without so much as a touch. It's getting close now, I can taste it. She guessed this was the precum that Jo had mentioned, letting her know to power through how tired her neck and jaw was getting.

Charlie's muscles tensed and released. He slammed his head against the pillow, escalating his moans. Christy matched her pace to his sounds: faster faster faster until his stomach clenched and he yelled out. Christy immediately stopped everything, pulling back until just his head was inside her mouth. She felt a pulse rush through his shaft and warm thick liquid splash into her mouth. She let it fall on her tongue, a nice bed just underneath his slit, and stroked him with her hands gently through his orgasm, containing every drop.

She could definitely taste it now. Salty, bitter, somehow full of his scent. Once again Jo's advice came in handy as she had to consciously breathe through her nose until she was sure he was done. It seemed to take longer than before, she couldn't be sure. Finally, he let out a sigh and propped himself up on his elbows, looking down at her. She smiled as his cock slipped from her lips. She opened up to say ahh but felt cum immediately try to run out through the corner of her mouth. She squealed and swallowed it all. Looking up at him again, Christy studied his face.

"Wow," he managed.

She burst out in laughter, collapsing against his legs. After a second, he laughed as well.


Sometime later, when Charlie had come out of the blissful trance state and realized that they were laying side by side in bed, him nude and Christy in her underwear, he said "That was amazing!"

"You liked it?" Christy asked, coy, knowing full well he did.

"Unbelievable! How... how was it for you?" He asked.

"It was perfect," she replied. "Absolutely perfect."

"So... what now, you think?" He asked, staring up at the ceiling.

"Now, you could... return the favor?" Christy hoped she didn't come off too demanding, but she was still on fire down there. The different smells and sounds and tastes had been replaying in her mind non-stop as she had waited for him to come back to Earth.

"Oh! Uhh... I mean, can i?" He stammered, looking over at her.

Christy slid her panties off and dropped them on his chest. "What do you think?" She could smell her scent wash over both of them. Saw how wet the panties were. He immediately took them in his hands, felt the crotch with his fingers, whispered "wow" more to himself than her, she thought.

She scooched herself up onto the pillows as he turned over and slid down like that cartoon character following a scent trail. She soon felt hot breath filter through her pubic hair. "Oh wow" she heard him say.

And then his mouth was on her, sucking one of her lips like she had just taken him. The surprise of it stunned her, made her squeal. He sucked hard, vacuuming half of her pussy into his mouth and chomping on it.

"Oooh, slow.. Slower, please" she said.

His mouth somehow found her clit. That vacuum going full blast. Her body flinched reflexively. "Ouch... whoa, whoa there." She pushed his head away and looked down at him.

"I'm sorry, did i hurt you?" He asked, puppy dog eyes looking up at her from between her legs.

"No it's fine it's just... you can't start that hard ok?"

"Ok, so what should I do?" he asked.

"Well.. I mean... I don't know. I've never had anybody do that to me before," Christy said.

Charlie thought for a moment, staring at her sex. "How did you know what to do with me?" He asked.

"Well, I asked Jo."


A few minutes later, Christy laid under the bed covers as Charlie walked in with Jo. He had gotten dressed to go looking for her and found her now wearing a different terry cloth robe. Jo looked at her and smiled. "Charlie tells me you guys need some help?"

"Yeah," Christy said, blushing. "Well, it's just that you helped me so much earlier. Maybe you can help Charlie now?"

Jo looked around the room, surveying the situation. Looking at Charlie, she said "That means you following directions, Charlie, and not breaking any rules. Can you do that?"

Charlie nodded, blushing as well.

"Ok. And you're ok too, Christy?"

She nodded.

"Good. So..." Jo dragged a chair across the room and placed it next to the bedside table. "Charlie why don't you get your clothes off while I check one thing with Christy, ok?"

For the third time that day Charlie's jeans fell to the ground. Christy saw that he was not all the way hard, but didn't know if that was because he had cum twice already or because Jo was there. Something about Jo's presence felt very natural and comforting but she still couldn't help but blush with modesty as she pulled down the covers. Jo pulled Christy's knee out to the side, opening her up, and quickly slid a finger between Christy's lips. Christy raised her hands to her face and covered her eyes in embarrassment.

"We have one big rule, Charlie," Christy heard Jo say. "No insertion. Ok? Christy still has her hymen and I want your first time to be special so we're just sticking to clitoral stimulation today. Ok?" She felt Jo's fingertip now, sliding against her pussy, leading up to her clit, finding it hard. "Come here, Charlie. Get in close. Time for an anatomy lesson best big ass porn sites

Christy felt the bed shift as Charlie climbed onto it. Still too embarrassed to open her eyes, she felt his shoulder brush his knee, somehow felt his attention on her pussy. She couldn't help but throb as Jo's fingers skillfully moved around on her.

"Let's start with the basics. The whole thing is commonly referred to as a vagina but really this," Christy felt Jo's hand rub over her lips and mound, "is the vulva. All the outside parts. The Vagina is here," Christy felt fingers spread her lips and apply gentle pressure between them. "Well, behind here. That's her hymen. See it, Charlie?"

"Yes, maam," Charlie said.

"But nobody likes saying 'vulva', not that vagina is much better, so let's just say pussy. Ok? Now, we start up here." Jo' s fingers moved up and tangled into Christy's bush. "The mons pubis, or pubic mound. Give her a kiss there."

"But..." Charlie hesitated, "it's all hairy."

"Lesson number one," Jo said, her hand slowly massaging Christy's mound, "don't be afraid. Nothing down here will hurt you. A girl chooses how she keeps herself, some women like it shaved, others trimmed, and many like to go natural. A little hair won't kill you. You didn't mind when Christy had her face down in your bush did you?"

"No, maam,"

"So give her a kiss.Right here."

Christy felt the heat from Charlie's face as he leaned in. She forced herself to open her eyes and look down over her breasts just as he nestled his face into her pubic hair and kissed her there. Jo, sitting on the edge of the bed with one hand on Christy's knee and the other on her navel, watched him intently.

"That's good," Jo said. "Now these are her outer lips, or labia majora." Christy watched as Jo slid her hand down, felt her slide two fingers around one of her lips and gently squeezed. "Now kiss her here."

Charlie followed with his mouth, softly kissing her lips. No biting this time.

"That's good. We always start slow and soft. You can't rush a woman down here, she needs it to build slowly. You have to prime her pump before you can start her engine. Kissing each part of her like this is a good way to start, ok? Now..." Christy felt Jo's fingers open her up. "They're really tiny but these are her labia minora, or inner lips. Give these a kiss, honey."

Christy felt a wave of tingling pleasure as Charlie pushed his cheeks against her so that he could kiss between Jo's fingers. She felt her chest flush with warmth, her skin broke out in goosebumps.

"And this is her urethral opening. See how it's different from her hymen? You don't stick anything in this one, ok? At least not unless she specifically asks you. Now kiss."

To Christy, this kiss was largely indistinguishable from the last, but that didn't matter. She felt her warmth growing by the second, the faucet starting to turn back on.

"Give the hymen a kiss too, honey." Jo's fingers still spreading her open. Charlie's exhale hot on her sensitive skin. "Use your tongue a little here. Just stick it out and run the tip of it up and down lightly." Christy felt Charlie obey.

"Now, moving down, here's her anus. See how close it is to her hymen? You'll have to be very careful where you go sticking things. This is another one where she has to specifically ask before you mess with it. You could hurt her if you take it too rough, got it? Ok now kiss."

"Um... do I have to?" Charlie asked?

"Yes you have to. She's clean. You're looking right at it. You said you were going to follow my directions. What's wrong, don't want to just because it's her ass? Want me to do it instead?"

"No..." Charlie's voice tinged with shame. Christy felt his lips quickly peck at her butthole before moving away.

"Good boy," Jo said. "Now we move up to the most important part. Here," Jo's fingers slid up to the top of her lips. "See here where her lips come together?" Kiss there."

Christy felt more tingling as Charlie's lips touched her hood.

"That's her clitoral hood, which protects her clit because it's so sensitive. Now just look." Jo pulled Christy's hood up, exposing her clit to the cool bedroom air. "See it? Little pink nubbin? That's her clitoris. Congratulations, Charlie. You now know more than eighty percent of the male population. Now kiss there very lightly."

Jo had to close her eyes again when Charlie's lips made contact, not out of shame but pleasure. The softness of his lips against her clit sent a wave of pulsing pleasure from her pussy straight up to her brain. Hairs stood on the back of her neck and she couldn't help but let out a small moan.

"See the effect that has?" Jo asked Charlie. "Imagine the head of your cock but a hundred times more sensitive. That's her button right there. See how her pussy's gotten wet? That means she likes what you're doing. She'll get wetter as you go. Here, lick between her lips. One big lap right between them."

Christy felt the roughness of Charlie's tongue as it swept up her pussy like a dog. She squirmed at the sensation. So pleasurable but also a little frustrating, like it was creating an itch that needed more scratching.

"See? No taste. Harmless. You can drink as much of it as you want. Women love a guy who isn't afraid of her wet. Now..." Christy felt the weight shift on the bed and opened her eyes to see Jo settling into the bedside chair, licking her fingers. "Settle in there, Charlie. Get comfortable."

Christy looked down to see Charlie laying on his stomach, head between her thighs, her hair tickling his face. He looked up at her and she felt another wave of tingling warmth pass over her. She saw how hard her nipples were and needed to feel them. They've never been this hard before, not even when she played with her electric toothbrush. Just touching them sent more tingles all across her skin.

"Ok Charlie, I'm going to tell you a good beginner technique today. As you get more experienced and find out more about what Christy likes and doesn't like, you'll get better. And Christy has to speak up if you do something that doesn't work, right Christy?"

Christy found that it was harder to speak than she thought. Her first attempt ended with a hitched breath and a frog in her throat. "Y... yes," is all she managed.

"Ok. Now start at just inside her left knee and slowly kiss your way toward her pussy, Charlie."

Christy laid back and closed her eyes to concentrate on the feeling. She felt her heat engine rev..

"Good, now do the same with the other thigh. We're creating tension, building up to when you finally kiss her pussy. Understand?"

Charlie's muffled voice said "uh huh."

"Now circle her pussy with your kisses. Up the outside of her lips, across her mound, down and around."

Christy felt Charlie's mouth following Jo's directions. Instead of surprise at where she would feel him next, she focused her attention to where he would kiss next, feeling every minute sensation.

"Now suck one of her lips into your mouth. Don't bite, just take it in your mouth and pull a tiny bit then let it go."

Christy started to tremble.

"Wrap your arms around her thighs, Charlie, so she doesn't have to concentrate on holding them up. Plus it gives you a better sense of her movement. Good. Now slide your tongue between her lips and run it up and down."

Christy felt a small wave crest along her pelvis as what felt like a flood of wetness rushed from her pussy. "Does it always feel this good?" She wondered. She looked over to Jo as if to ask the question and saw Jo smiling back at her, silently answering "yes it does."

"Do that some more, Charlie. She likes that." Jo bent forward and opened a drawer in the bedside table, pulling something out of it.

As Charlie licked her pussy, Christy watched Jo tug at the loose knot tying her robe closed. She opened it, exposing her chest. Christy saw that Jo's nipples looked about as hard as hers.

"Now hold her lips open with your fingers and draw circles with your tongue around her pee hole." Jo's gaze turned toward Charlie. Christy watched as Jo turned the small vibe in her hands on and made it disappear between her legs.

"Now plant your lips around her clit and gently suck."

The sensation brought Christy into her own world. Everything else - Jo in her chair, Charlie's hot skin against her thighs, the bed beneath her - melted away and all she felt was Charlie's mouth on her clit. She may have moaned, can't be sure. Her brain short circuited and only wanted one thing now: MORE.

Jo's instructions became unintelligible to her. All she could make sense of was the insistent pressure of Charlie's mouth sucking at her clit. Her eyes closed, her stomach tightened, and a crest of pleasure broke across her pussy, spreading up through her lungs and breasts and face.

Charlie's lips stayed on her. His tongue flicked and played with her clit, sending shivers across her whole being with every playful prod. Her knees closed around him, holding him snug. His tongue fast against her, pushing harder, sucking harder. Another wave broke, this one more of a tremor of something bigger. Something she'd never felt before. Something immense.

Christy felt Charlie's hand on her breasts. Massaging them, squeezing them, fingers finding her nipples, tweaking, squeezing, pulling. She bucked her hips, trying to force her clit deeper into his mouth. She bit her lip to keep from screaming.Felt another wave, this one slightly larger approaching. She let go of everything else and let it come.

Christy's next thought was of something changing. She didn't know how long it had been, how many times she had cum. Her body was a bonfire with her pussy the volcanic center, but now her clit felt chills from the cold air as Charlie's mouth left her. She opened her eyes to see Jo, robe left on the chair and holding a vibe to her clit - she could see it clearly since she was shaved smooth - helping Charlie change positions.

Hairy legs came into her vision, settling on either side of her head. She looked up and saw Charlie's cock, now hard again and swollen until shiny, hanging down from above. She didn't think; immediately took it into her mouth and started to suck.

Charlie's body lowered on top of her. His cock fed deeper into her mouth, making it so she didn't have to reach so far with her neck. She felt his mouth come back to her, planting around her clit like a leech but this time she felt his hot exhales on her dripping pussy. Each forceful intake sent a wave of chills followed by another wave of warmth from his exhales. Her clit throbbed against his tongue.

Christy moaned onto Charlie's cock. She realized that with his cock in her mouth she could be as loud as she wanted. She let out a louder moan, again stifled by the meat in her mouth. Running purely on instinct, her tongue grated underneath his cock, working under his head as his hips pulled up and pushed down, effectively fucking her mouth.

Charlie's actions got more intense. She felt his teeth once then twice. It felt good. She wanted him to devour her, bite her, eat her up. Her entire brain dealt with timing her breaths when he pulled his cock shallow enough for her to get air while the rest of her body concentrated on her pussy and that immense tidal wave looming ever so closer.

Her ears rang, her eyes fluttered. Ten more seconds, that's all she needed. Ten more seconds of this and everything would be right.

Nine more seconds. She could feel Charlie's nose pressing between her lips.

Eight more seconds. Seven more. Six.

She had a sudden fright that he would stop. Something terrible would happen and he would stop. He would destroy her world. She opened her eyes, looked up past Charlie's thrusting shaft and hanging balls and saw Jo.

Jo stood over the head of the bed, smiling, sucking on her index finger.

Four more seconds. Three more and nothing would matter because she would be washed away by this immense feeling building in every cell of her being. Two more and the whole world would be at peace. One more...

Christy watched as Jo shoved her finger into Charlie's ass, straight down to the knuckle.

Charlie yelled into her cunt. She felt the vibrations against her clit. His cock forced its way deep into the back of her mouth and erupted with cum. His semen almost choked her, probably should have choked her but Charlie's voice on her clit had done the job and Christy felt nothing but intense pleasure radiating throughout her body. Every muscle shook, switching between clenched tight and completely calm. She automatically swallowed when there was cum to swallow, screamed out in pure joy when there wasn't.

The world could not be found. Christy rode this feeling far far away.


Some time later, Christy found herself laying on the bed again in Jo's guest bedroom. Charlie lay beside her, both of them still naked. She leaned over and gave him a deep, long kiss. She hoped that the kiss communicated everything she didn't dare say out loud: that he had made her so happy, made her feel things she'd never felt before, brought her into a deeper world of love and pleasure. That she adored him.

There was a knock on the door. Jo entered once again, robe on, with a bundle of clothes. "Your shirt's dry, honey. No stains, as promised. See?" She help up Christy's shirt, a remnant of some far-off calamity that Christy could barely remember.

"Listen," Jo said as she sat back down in the chair, "You guys awake?"

Both Christy and Charlie scooted themselves up to sitting position, Christy baring her breasts with no embarrassment. Charlie nodded.

"You guys are great, and I'd love for you to come back any time you want, but we have a few house rules that I make clear to anyone who comes here. The first one is to always call before you come by. I'll give you both my phone number, call anytime, but if you call and I or my husband tells you that it's not a good time, it means that it's not a good time."

"What if we don't get an answer?" Charlie asked.

"No answer means come on by. Very rarely do we shy away from guests, but it's important to maintain boundaries, ok?"

Christy nodded yes.

"Second rule is that we don't abide drugs or alcohol here. If you want a place to get drunk or high, go somewhere else."

"Oh, we don't..." Charlie started, then looked to Christy. "Do we?"

"No, we don't." Christy said.

Jo smiled. "Third rule is that we always practice safe sex. Any intercourse must be accompanied by a condom. I don't want any babies conceived under my roof, understood?"

They both nodded.

"Fourth rule. Be respectful of everyone here.You might see some other people here when you come by, maybe even kids you know from school like Trevor and Anna today. It's kind of like Las Vegas here: what happens at my house stays at my house. And Everyone agrees to these so if you meet anyone here it means they're following the same rules."

"Sounds reasonable," Charlie said.

"Good. And last but not least, fifth and final rule, don't tell anyone what goes on here. Not your parents, not your teachers, not even most friends. Other people would very easily misunderstand what we're doing here and that could make trouble. Not just for me and my husband but for you and everyone else who comes here as well. Ok? We're all here to have fun but in our own private way. Unless you think either of your parents would like to join?"

"Eww, no," Christy said.

"Didn't think so," Jo smiled."So are we all on the same page? Understand everything I've said?"

"I have a question," Charlie said. "Did Drew get in trouble because he told us?"

"Oh heavens no," Jo said. "He vouched for you when he called. He thought you guys could handle it and were mature enough to act responsibly. I have the same feeling. After you've hung out with us a little more, if you feel that some of your friends might like to know about us we can talk about it. It's just not something I'd like becoming some rumour all over town, ok?"

They both nodded.

Jo smiled and said "Ok great. Now why don't you two get dressed and head home. It's starting to get dark. Oh, and if you are interested, we're having a party this Saturday. I'd love it if you stopped by."

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