A Year Later...

Mar 12, 2010

Wow, can't believe it's almost been a year since my last post! And what a year! I have a new job, have maintained my weight and last week--at long last!!!--had upper body contouring (arm lifts, breast lift and breast augmentation). A lot LESS painful than anticipated and although there's still bruising and swelling, the results are DRAMATIC. I'm thrilled--already going through my closet and ready to try on all my sleeveless clothes and so excited that I won't have to wear boleros over them any more to cover my arms.

As for the other, they haven't looked this good, um, EVER. LOL, I'll be 47 in a month and have the chest of a 20 year old.

Life is good!

Have to save up now for the lower half--probably take 12-18 months but it is SO worth the cost and the recovery time.

All best,

17 Months Post-Surgery

Mar 25, 2009

My birthday is just around the corner and what a way to celebrate--I'm just 17 lbs from my goal!!! Hard to believe that this time two years ago, I weighed over 300 lbs and my BMI was nearly double what it is today. Admittedly, I have completely taken over the walk-in closet in our master bedroom. Poor hubby is resigned to storing his clothes in his dresser.

From my top weight, I am down 185 lbs. From my surgery weight, I am down 147 lbs. I haven't been this weight since college a quarter of a century ago! My hair is really coming back after some major fall-out and I'm starting to search for plastic surgeons to take the next step in my journey: the body lift! But first, we have our daughter's college graduation to celebrate this spring and my son is getting married in the fall. I have the graduation outfit and am excited about finding something lovely to wear as the mother-of-the-groom :)


Almost Thanksgiving

Nov 16, 2008

Wow, Thanksgiving is next week--my second turkey day since surgery and I'm thrilled to be 22 lbs from my goal! My birthday is in April, which will be 18 months post surgery and my aim is to be at my goal by then. I'm eating according to plan but need to ramp up my exercise and start journelling my progress--I always do best when I keep a journal.

Thanksgiving--wow, I have a lot to be thankful for this year. The support of my family and friends, the gift of amazing health, relative financial security--if anyone can claim that in this current economy. I feel truly blessed for the overall quality of life improvements experienced by this life-altering event and look forward to sustaining it for decades to come.

As I mentioned, my six month goal is to lose the final 22 lbs. My twelve month goal (next Thanksgiving time) is to have maintained that goal so that I can then begin the next phase of this journey - the removal and reshaping of my skin. I know many individuals chose to live with it, but for me it's an integral part of the journey.

Tonight I'm speaking at my WLS group about my surgery experience and sharing the joys and challenges of my "new normal." LOL--one key thing I've learned is that experiencing each phase of the journey is always different than what I expected. I'm delighted to have the opportunity to connect with other WLS patients and learn from their experiences as well as share my own. Belonging to a support group post-surgery has proven even more important that pre-surgery for me.

Here's wishing everyone a joyous and peaceful holiday season!

Lisa H

Happy 1st Birthday to Me!

Oct 30, 2008

1 year today! Wow, I can't believe it. I am the lowest weight I've been in 25 years and I'm in the best health of my life. I consider 10/30 my second "birthday" now :)

Although medically, I sailed through the year, it hasn't been without its challenges--a job loss, a major car accident (no injuries, thankfully) but all and all the stress levels evoked old behaviors and it once again becomes a conscious effort to choose the right foods. I don't have dumping so I can eat small amounts of the wrong stuff as easily as the right stuff. Honestly, some days it's tougher to be vigilant; however, I am blessed with a wonderful support network of family and friends.

That said, the job loss was sad mostly due to leaving behind people I had known and worked alongside for years and I miss their daily company. On the positive side, I get to "reinvent myself" with a career of my choosing. Fortunately, I am financially okay--even in these turbulant times to be able to choose what I want to do versus be compelled to accept a position that fits a certain pay criteria. I'm very excited to be looking into positions that involve travel--both in the US and abroad. For the first time in my life I have a passport and I'm excited by the prospect of boarding a plane and jetting off to see new places and meet new people.

This time a year ago, I dreaded flying for the obvious reasons. Now, I not only do not need a belt extender, I can pull the tab on the regular one a good 8" in :)

And for that and many other blessings that accompanied the surgery, I am truly thankful!

All Best,
Lisa H

Under 200!

Aug 02, 2008

It's finally happened! I sat at a plateau for 10 weeks at 205 and now, suddenly have dropped to 196. Whoo-hoo! I have not weighed under 200 lbs in 25 years and it feels great! (Better than great!!!)

I've also been living life to the fullest - went whitewater rafting for the first time and would love to go again. Also went horseback riding--another thing I hadn't done in a quarter century.

A weird but rewarding new phase - I can buy all my clothes in the Misses' department now and being a "pear-shape" am wearing some medium and small tops! I currently wear a regular 14 pants and just bought my first pair of size 12's.

On the side effects: the hair fall-out seems to finally have slowed (YAY!); the skin situation ain't pretty with my clothes off--thank god for a loving and supportive husband who reminds me to take things one step at a time and who adores me even when I'm all wrinkles under my clothes. Luckily, clothes are a great disguiser, the biggest drawback being that it's summer and I'd like to wear sleeveless garments or enjoy being in a bathing suit for the first time in years.

However, I would do it all again in a heartbeat! My blood pressure (without meds) is 105/70; I'm having an updated test to officially remove the "sleep apnea" disorder from my medical chart; and my cholesteral and blood sugars are so good that my surgeon is no longer testing them at my quarterly visits. I am enjoying living life again--enjoying revisiting experiences I've missed out on for years and plunging into new adventures that before I only dreamed about.


The Century Club!

May 01, 2008

I made my major milestone of losing 100lbs post surgery by the 6 month mark!!! (110 total including pre-surgery weightloss). 

I'm so excited! April was a great month for me - lost 17 lbs total and hit the 100 lb mark on 4/29 - 1 day before my six month anniversay date.

I also tried on and =FIT= into my wedding gown. June 11 will be my 25th anniversary and this is the first time I've been back to this size in a quarter century. Wonder if I can talk my wonderful hubby into renewing our vows since I have such a great gown to wear

In other news, I went bike riding for the first time in ages - felt great going downhill. Not so great going uphill but I did it! 

Got to test my new coping skills with some professional and personal things happening in my life. The irony is...instead of wanting to self-medicate with food, I found myself not wanting to eat at all and having to make myself get the necessary protein and water intake to continue losing weight in a healthy manner. Strange experience and one I'll continue to stay mindful of the next time life throws me a curve.

Hair loss is occurring - started using Nioxin as well as continue to take Biotin and get my protein in. Skin is drapey in the expected places but thanks to good clothes and a good haircut, it's not discernable to others. I knew going in that I would deal with both of these issues and still have no regrets - I would have the surgery again in a nanosecond!

Hard to believe I am 2/3rds the way to my goal! It's been an amazing journey so far - I'm looking forward to what the next 6 months and beyond will bring.

All best,

98 lbs and counting...

Apr 04, 2008

Wow. Hard to believe I am already 5 months post-op. One of my "milestone" goals was to lose 100 lbs by my birthday and next Saturday - 4/12 is the big day. Only 2 lbs to go! I'm so excited.

And just today my doctor took me off my blood-pressure medication. The only meds I take now are for allergies! (And of course, all the vitamins).

Am experiencing some hair loss now and feeling effects of loose skin but these are so minor in comparison to feeling so healthy and energized overall.

And I'm particularly enjoying shopping in the "misses" department these days for tops and wearing the size pants that I wore in college. WOO-HOO!

Life is good.

I posted a new pic--sorry about the quality--it was taken on my cell phone.

All best,
Lisa -- 66 lbs to goal...

Going Along

Feb 05, 2008

2/5/08 - 72 lbs (10 pre-surgery, 62 post-surgery). Feeling good and wearing my smallest clothes from my last traditional diet. Still eating >400 calories daily and exercise 6x weekly (either on treadmill or Curves)

Hubby and I went and signed up for our passports yesterday. It's our 25th anniversary this year and we are going to celebrate with a cruise. I am excited as my stamina is up and I'm looking forward to the shore excursions! 

Yesterday we walked for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I was tired but jubilant that I could maintain that pace without needing to sit down once! 

The weight-loss goes at its own pace. I'll drop 5-10lbs then hold for 7-10 days before losing again. During the 7-10 days, though, I'll continue to lose inches. It's weird. I expected more of a steady weight loss but I'm okay with my progress. The inches are going, the blood pressure is dropping and I feel in the best health I've been in years.

Haven't taken/uploaded new pix yet--that's next. 

All best!

The big 5-0!

Jan 12, 2008

1/13/2008: 75 days post-surgery I've officially lost 53 lbs! (63 total including the 10 pre-surgery that I lost). The first month dropped so fast that admittedly it set an unreal expectation that I would continue to lose at that pace. NOT!!! 

I lost 30 lbs month one, and 12 month two, and 11 so far in month three. I hit a plateau in month two that frustrated me and I knew too that I needed to ramp up my exercise. I also returned to work during month two and was so exhausted that I made the decision to hold off starting a gym routine until I acclimated to working and my new lifestyle. As month three rolled in, I felt my stamina returning and joined Curves (in addition to walking outdoors & on my treadmill). The addition of the regular exercise paid off! Plus the Endorphin release is a great mood-enhancer!

I'm wearing all my smallest clothes from the last time I lost weight and am within 3 lbs of my lowest weight from my last diet. Yes, I'd regained 66 lbs of the 104 that I'd lost--which was the final deciding factor in having the surgery to stop the endless yo yo-ing.

I can't speak highly enough of the support group -- FIT SMART at Virtua Hospital -- and the fellowship of the other women and men who are having/have had WLS surgery. Their compassion and comradarie is priceless. I'm also blessed to have a wonderfully supportive husband and family. 

Haven't had a chance to get a new picture taken/uploade but soon! 

Next goal: 225 - which was my lowest weight ever on any diet pre-surgery. And then from there, onward to getting under 200 and my ultimate goal of 160!

All best,

Happy Holidays!

Dec 07, 2007

Wow! The days have flown since my surgery. I'm now down 34 lbs (in 38 days) and feeling great. My stamina is starting to return and I can walk several blocks now without having to rest in-between.

I'm averaging about 350-375 calories a day and continue to push my protein count upward toward the desired 60 grams daily. Presently, I'm journaling my food, water and vitamin/med intake--it will be interesting to keep it all running this smoothly once I return to my job on 12/17.

At this point I am adding new foods into my diet and finding which ones don't agree with my new digestive system. I also find that if it's a little too rich or "fatty" that I have a mild discomforting reaction due to no longer having a gallbladder. To date, no dumping (but then I haven't eaten anything sugary to cause it) and no vomiting. I can tolerate tomato sauce but not citrus as yet.

Even though it's the holidays and goodies abound, I'm happy to report that I don't feel deprived and am not desiring any "sweets." I am learning new ways to "treat" myself such as manicures, massages, and of course, new clothes :)

It feels great to not dread the upcoming New Year because this year I won't have to make that "diet resolution"--it's already well underway!!!

Blessing to all and best wishes for a joyous and peaceful holiday season!
Lisa H

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