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"First Impression: Caring and empathetic. Did not change over time.rnrnOffice staff: perception of somewhat disorganized. I had to follow up on paperwork 2-3 times in some instances and get involved with approval process w/insurance due to paperwork snafus that arose pre-surgeryrnrnLeast like: nothing--very happy with surgeon's care.rnrnWhat should future patients know: stay informed and involved with the pre-surgery process--it will make it go much smoother and less stressful. Get to know the office staff and build a rapport with them to help in smoothing out the inevitable paperwork bottlenecks that will arise.rnrnEmphasis on aftercare: Dr. Boynton only accepts WLS patients who are enrolled in the FITSMART program through Virtua Hospital. FITSMART provides both pre- and after care (1 year+) for the WLS patients and is a structured program.rnrnAddress risks of surgery: this was covered in both the orientation program, through FITSMART and through direct conversations with the surgeon.rnrnOverall Rating: Excellent. (Would give Outstanding to surgeon alone and Good for office staff = excellent overall)rnrnSurgical Competence or Bedside Manner: Considering this type of surgery, both are important. WLS patients struggle with self-esteem and self-worth issues that can be negatively impacted by a non-empathetic doctor. Dr. Boynton was both surgically competent and possesses a great bedside manner.rnrnThe only other area my particular surgery could have improved in was post-surgery. I was in intensive care for two days where the nurse:patient ratio was excellent. Once I moved to the regular ward where the ratio was 1 nurse to every 9 patients, there was confusion by the nurses on treating a WLS patient (tried to give me huge pills to swallow and wouldn't remove my catheter even though surgeon approved it). There was 2 needs identified: 1) to improve the nurse:patient ratio and 2) to educate NURSES on their knowledge of treating post-WLS surgery patients and improving their bedside manner (many aren't on-board with the program and put patients on the defensive about their personal reasons for having the surgery.)"
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