As most of the "My Story's" go...mine is very similar...I read them and feel as if I am reading my own story.  Weight has been an issue my whole life.  "Clean your plate" my parents would say...they weren't trying to do me any harm, but yet, it did.  It began there and hasn't stopped yet.  Do I ever NOT clean my plate?  Still to this day??  It is such a head game, isn't it??  But that is over, I am on the road to recovery!  After many many many diets, yo-yo-ing, down, up, down, up and up and up, I am taking the leap of my life and having WLS.  No more, food will not control my life anymore.  I want to be healthy, off meds, active...gosh do I want to be active!  So here goes...I am 41 years old and weigh 274 and have a BMI of 45.  I want to experience all of the benefits of weight loss.  The vain and the un-vain...So this is my story, and I am not sticking to it!  Thank you for reading and wish me luck as I begin my journey.  -Lisa

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