March 19, 2018

Mar 19, 2018

Trade Days this weekend.  I was pretty good with my eating and drinking water.

Brought some Blue Salad mix from Publix, blueberries, grapes, carrots and hummus, and a roasted chicken from Publix.  Also, a big bottle of Fuji water.

So tired did not do exercise.

Went to Sharon's sweet shop on Friday, talked with Sharon Bryant and her husband.  They told me that they had to bid to be in Tannehill every 5 years, somehow mysteriously her bid got misplaced, Stacy wanted them out.  Would not allow them to be present when the sealed bids were opened.  When Stacy called she said, you are out, and laughed.  After being kicked out, there were calling Sharon asking her about her distributor's, etc...Stacy's husband was over security when he body slammed the old man, breaking his ribs, nose.  When old man was in hospital Stacy's husband told Sheriff that old man had verbally abused him, and he was arrested in the hospital. 

Tannehill has just gotten rid of its director, Jon Morrison, and replaced him with Jeremy Wright, of Wright homes.  Jeremy had the contract to cut all the trees in tannehill to sell to finance the new sewage treatment plant.  Can anyone say conflict of interest??  I was told that Jon is sueing all the members of the board over this.  I don't understand why I can't find the newest board members on the internet, and why aren't the meetings public??

Met Bill Copeland who is on Tuscaloosa County Board of Education, met him at his building where he was having a garage sale.  He owns lots of property in the McCalla area.

Also, met a Dennis Johnson at Tannehill, he repairs old mixers.  Melani is friends with him on Facebook.

Ryan Rosser is minister at Methodist Church on Morgan road next to Arby's, his wife's name is Jamie.  Ryan's mother was Jacquelyn Marion Roubdioux Rosser, she died March 22, 2017, read her obit.  Her husband Douglas Rosser died earlier.  They live on Hilltop Road?  is that close to where we used to board horses?

There was a shooting at UAB highlands hospital on Wednesday night, a nursing supervisor was killed an the Springville Mayors son was injured.  The shooter shot himself.








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