April 4, 2018

Apr 06, 2018

Not doing too great with my eating...Still working on running 1 mile without stopping.

At Furniture store today..Old woman and little 3 year old girl come in.  We keep referencing old woman as girls grandmother.  Old woman gets indignant and says that she is not the grandmother, Barbara asks if she is the mother and she says no, that she is not related to girl at all.  She just took baby from a friends daughter in hospital.  DHR had taken the woman's 4 other children.  The old woman purchases lamps, I am taking the lamp bases out, Barbara has the Lamp shades, and the old woman is holding the little girls hand.  While putting the lamps in the trunk, the little girl breakes free of her guardian and begins to run, losing her shoes in the process.  I thought I was going to see a child get run over, my heart was racing.  They finally caught her.

Barbara asked me to do a layaway policy writeup.  Did not like the use of the word explicit.

Diane L.  called, seems her client has made same offer to another seller, Carole called her yesterday, saying that buyer wanted her house, if sellers would pay all closing and throw in the paddle boat and some furniture.  Jeff Corben at Homebridge doing the loan.  Diane told me of some the issues she had with Linda and RS.  Flat fee problem, problems with HSL.  Linda fired her and Stephanie after Ty D. told them that they had nothing to worry about.  They have gone to KW 3 years ago, Kim Cato also left to go to KW.  Stephanie working with Global out of Tuscaloosa.  KW was split 95/5 and after cap get 100%, they capped after 5 months.  KW has a sponser program for people you recruit.





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