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May 24, 2010


5-Day Pouch Test Diet

Mar 01, 2010

I went on this diet last Monday to get myself back on track and kick the carb cycle.  It worked out marvelously!  From last Monday until today, I have lost SIX POUNDS.  I'm .6 pounds less than my lowest post-surgery weight so far, so I really feel like I'm back on track.   And, I am definitely more aware of my pouch and how much I'm putting in there... it's like it has tightened up or something.  I guess that's the point, huh?


Rededication - my message board post of 2/28/10

Feb 28, 2010

Post Date: 2/28/10 4:24 pm
I haven't been on the OH boards much in the past few months.  The holidays came along, then I had some personal distractions.  My brother who's had cancer for the past 5 years had to get a colonostomy right before Christmas and ultimately passed away last week.  I made two trips to my hometown 800 miles away within a 3 week period.  My brother was only 53 years old and his illness and passing really took a toll on me.

I have really been in the dumps about my progress since November.  I was stuck in a rut, and weighed 5 pounds more than my lowest weight since surgery.  My plan was to have lost 90 lbs. by this time, and I was only at 60.  The problem was that I was on a carb rollercoaster... going way overboard with my snack choices (mostly salty/crunchy foods like potato chips and tortilla chips.... and desserts).  I was making sure I was getting enough protein (since the thought of my already fine hair falling out freaks me out just a little!) but I was also eating a lot of crap in-between.  I thought I had completely turned off the switch that was making me lose weight so easily the first 6 months and I didn't know how to get out of the cycle I was in.

So on Monday I decided to do the 5-day pouch test diet to see if my band did actually still work.  I am pleased to say that it does.   I managed to lose almost 5 pounds in the process.  It got me back to my lowest weight thus far since surgery. 

Now that I'm back to the point where anything else will be "new loss", I'm psyched again and I really want to stay on track.  The 5-day diet helped me kick the carb cravings for the most part, though they're still in my head.  But I'm trying to stay strong! 

I just wanted to publically announce my rededication, and share my frustration with anyone else who might be going through a similar disappointment.  This weight loss thing is a b*tch, and I know that I for one can use all the help and encouragement I can get!

Thanks for "listening"!  : )


"So don't be anxious about tomorrow. God will take care of your tomorrow too. Live one day at a time."  Matthew 6:34


6 Months, Side-by-side

Nov 21, 2009

Today marked my 6-month surgery anniversary.  I'm not quite where I expected to be at this point, but even so, I've lost 61 lbs... and holy cow, that's a lot of weight in anybody's book! 

I'm posting a side-by-side of me at my heighest weight of 294 and me today at 233.  I can definitely tell a difference in the photos, especially considering in the starting photo I was wearing a size 24/3X and the new one I'm wearing a size 18/XL.  I took my measurements again today, and I've lost 7" in both my waist and hips (and many more inches everywhere else!).  I'm certainly not unhappy with my results.  Just hoping to get myself jump-started again - soon!



Small fill...

Oct 28, 2009

Got a small fill 2 days ago, just .2 cc's.  Now I'm thinking I should have gotten .3, but I really didn't want to risk being too tight.  Still hungry when I finish my meal, and in-between.  Wish I could find that "sweet spot"!

Almost 58 lbs. as of today.

4 Months Post-Op

Sep 22, 2009

53 pounds, gone forever!  6.5" off my waist and 7" off my hips.  This past weekend I bought a new pair of jeans, size 18 thank you very much.  Can't remember the last time I was able to wear pants who's size started with a "1" !!   Life is good!

Went for fill #4 last Thursday.  I was expecting to get maybe .25-.50.  It was done under fluoro and I ended up getting .8 instead.  Did the mandatory 2 days liquids, and then day 3 and 4 on soft/mushies.  Those days did not go well, I got stuck on nearly everything I tried, and what didn't get stuck hurt like hell going down.  So Monday morning I called the dr. office and went in for a small unfill of .4 cc's.  Strangely enough, I don't feel any tighter than when I went in even though I'm now at 5.5 cc's instead of 5.1 cc's.  Where is the happy medium?   She said I could come back in a week or two if I think I need another .2 cc's.  We'll see how it goes between now and then.  Maybe something will "kick in" soon.

My weight loss seems to have slowed down a little.  In addition, it seems to come off in spurts rather than slowly and continually.  My Guru Jean told me that she lost that way too, though, so I guess there's hope that I'll still make it to goal one day.  : 

Still lovin it, and thanking God every day for the changes I'm going through!

Fill #4

Sep 17, 2009

Got my 4th fill today, under x-ray.  I was at 5.1 in my 10cc band, and I was thinking maybe a small fill of .5 or so.  I was quite surprised when she ended up putting in .8.  Now I'm at 5.9.  Wow, I can definitely feel a difference  It will be hard to tell for sure how it feels until I start solid food on Monday, but I'm trusting that since it was done under x-ray that it's not going to be too tight.

Hoping this jump starts me and those scales get moving again.  : )

THE BIG 5-0!!!

Sep 09, 2009

Who would have thought three days ago that today I would be doing the happy dance.... I met my first "big" goal this morning!!  FIFTY POUNDS... YEAAAA!!!!!!  I am absolutely tickled!!  Perhaps my mini-meltdown was just what I needed to turn this thing around.  Or maybe I was just carrying around excess water weight that decided to leave my body.. who knows. Who cares! 

I might just be able to make that 60 pound mark by October 10th after all!!

Back on the Wagon

Sep 08, 2009

Went for my checkup at the surgeon's office this morning.  Didn't get the @$$CHEWING that I was expecting for my really bad behavior this weekend.  Instead, I was told to just accept that I made some bad choices, deal with it, and move on!  So... today was a new day.  I logged everything into dailyplate and I was just under 1,000 calories with 82g of protein.  I'm calling it a good day.   And tomorrow?  I'll do it all over again!

Life is good.


VENTING!!! Me and the same 2 lbs.

Sep 06, 2009

I was feeling so great 2 weeks ago, when I was *this close* to the 50-lb lost mark, at 49 lbs.  I just knew that by last Friday I would move past it.  Except for one problem... the scales started moving in the other direction!!!  I gained almost 3 lbs, lost a lb, gained it back, lost it again.... and I know its because of what I've been eating - SUGAR AND CARBS.  I hate that I have this sugar addiction, I feel like a drug addict waiting on my next hit.  So for nearly 2 weeks I have been telling myself "today is the day... no sugar, no simple carbs, lots of protein and water".... and before the end of the day I fall off the wagon.  And why is it the more of that stuff we eat, the more we want?  It sucks, so bad.  I hate feeling this way about myself, I have done so well and now I feel like a total friggin failure because I am stuck with this same 2 damned lbs. and I haven't crossed that 50 lb. mark yet.  I have a short-term goal to have lost 60 lbs. by my family reunion in October, out of state where I haven't seen my siblings and their families since June when I'd only lost 27 lbs.  I think it's unrealistic to think at this point that I could lose 12 lbs. in a month, (wouldnt have been if I'd lost 2 lbs a week for the past 2 weeks instead of gaining 2!!!) so I've set myself up for another disappointment.

DAMNIT I am so frustrated with myself this morning!!!  I know I just have to STOP eating that crap, that's the answer.  One little bit leads to another little bit, and so on and so on. 

So far today I've had a 16.9 oz bottle of water and I'm going now to make a latte with Unjury vanilla.  At lunch I'm having leftover steak and at dinner I'll have another protein source.  Just make sure I get in 60 g's of protein and that's IT.  I WILL NOT GIVE IN TO THESE DAMNED CRAVINGS.  Tomorrow morning I go for a check-in with the surgeon.  I'm going to talk to him about another fill, and of course he's going to want to know what I've been eating for the past 3 days and I'm going to be SO FRIGGIN EMBARASSED to tell him ice cream and potato friggin chips!!!!  Serves me right if he chews my ass out.  Though he probably won't let me get another fill til I show him 3 days of what I'm SUPPOSED to be eating and tell him how I feel after that.  SO.... this is like the old days of actual DIETING, which I friggin hate and could never do long-term.  That's why I had WLS to begin with!!!

Geez, I knew this wasn't going to be totally easy, but I sure didn't know it was going to be this HARD!!!!

Ok, now that I've pitched my temper tantrum like a 3-year old, I'm going to go make that latte and maybe go to the garden nursery buy some pansies and work in the yard until it starts raining.

Wipe these stinging tears, take a deep breath... and get moving.

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