Spring 2010!

May 17, 2010

Hey Everyone! Thought I'd check in since I'm so bad at updating everyone.  Things are going really well with my sleeve.  So thankful for that surgery I can not even tell you.  Everyday someone comes up to me and says something about the weight loss.  I've even had a few people suggest that I not lose anymore... (whatever) I've lost about 70 lbs. now!  woohoo!!!  I'm into a size 12 in most things.  I went to get a few things tonight and everything was a 12!!!  My food intake has been a little better lately.  I usually have 2 protein shakes a day, a few almonds, a little cheese, and for dinner maybe some stir-fry with either chicken, fish, or shrimp.  mmmm.  SOOO good!  That's pretty much it.  I still have to learn how to eat when we're out to dinner though.. The other day we went to Applebees and everyone at the table ordered salads, which was great. I ordered a 1/2 of a salad.  It was still way too much, though.  I kept trying to eat it, and then bam! Hit the wall.  So I excused myself, went to the bathroom (didn't get sick though thank goodness) and tried to walk around a bit.  It took a while, but I finally felt better.  Social eating seems to be my biggest challenge I think.  I have to have a little talk with myself when I'm about to go to a restaurant or to dinner at someone's house.  It's so completely different than pre-surgery.  But it's a good thing!!  Just something I need to adjust still. 

I'm sad to say that I havent' signed up for a 5K yet.  I really want to, but haven't been training like I should.  I have gone on bike rides with my husband, and made it the whole way which is HUGE for me!  I'll try and post some updated pics, too.  Well everyone, I've got to get to bed.  5:00 am comes too quickly!!!

Recent Musings...

Jan 17, 2010

Hey OH Family...  Thought I'd write since it's been WAY too long.  This WLS journey has been so interesting.  I've read so many of your blogs, and my experience has been so similar to many of your's.  I've had a few WOW moments of my own even!  Mainly the size of clothes I'm wearing!  I'm wearing 16 in most jeans and pants.  I can not even believe it.  People at work are noticing the weight loss too.  Shopping, I'm beginning to notice, is a challenge.  I'm down about 42 pounds, so have "grown" out of almost all my clothes. (Lots of sizes in my closet because of weight loss and gain...)   I'm trying to shop at 2nd hand stores for these in-between stages.  It's very difficult.  I guess you forget all the clothes you've bought over the years, and trying to re-stock could be pretty expensive.  I think I'll try and swap some clothes at my support group. 

One thing I need to be very careful of, is pop.  I was doing SO good not having any at all, but yesterday for some reason I had a sip of my husband's, and it tasted so good, but not good on my tummy.  I knew before my surgery that it would be tough to kick that habit.  I really love popcorn, too.  Those are probably the two things that I dream of having sometimes.  I just need to steer clear of those things.  The protein is a daily challenge that I have to focus on to get it all in.  Water as well.  If I'm not intentional about those two things, I could go a few hours without drinking water or having protein.

In the exercise department, I need to mix it up some more.  I've been walking the treadmill about 4x a week, 30 or so minutes, but can tell I need to do add some variety.  It's been raining so much here that I haven't been able to walk/jog outside yet.  I'm looking forward to being able to do that.  We've even set a small goal to run in a 5K in May or June!  My first!!  I also want to try Zumba.  My daughter told me I'd really like it.  With the weight coming off, the possibilities are becoming more and more!  I so appreciate everyone's input and honesty on this website.  It really is a help!

Checkin' In... Questions???

Nov 13, 2009

Hey everyone!  Hope you all are doing great.  I'm having a good week, just trying to get a little more creative with what foods I can have.  So far I've been having clear liquids (mostly jello, broth, SF pudding, etc.) and mushies.  The mushies is where I need a little help.  I originally thought mushies could be pretty much anything on the "ok" list, just blended up.  I def can't eat some of those things, even mushed up.  The mushies I can tolerate are oatmeal, grits, some soups puree'd, greek yogurt and low-fat yogurt.  Since I'm really trying to get more protein in, I've put in the blender the following:  greek yogurt, ice cubes, protein bullet and vanilla flavoring (not syrup).  That is REALLY good.  Just sipping tho!  Slow down girl....!  Sometimes I have a protein drink (the choc kind, Premier, which is 32 grms protein and hardly any fat or sugar).  I tried to mix up some tuna the other day, with nonfat milk.  It was almost SOUP.  But I had it; didn't like too well.  Anyway, with only being 17 days out, I'm wondering if I could get some other ideas from you.  I'm still not back at work yet (I had an open VSG) but will start with 1/2 days next Wednesday I think.  I'm sure it'll be more challenging once I'm at work.....  And with Thanksgiving right around the corner too!   Oh, and I'm down 20 pounds from my pre-op weight!  Hope to hear from y'all!!!

Just some Thoughts...

Nov 07, 2009

Well here I am.  Just about 10 days out and I'm noticing some things that I'd like to get down on "paper" and off my chest.  So my surgery went very well.  Pretty uneventful, which is what you really want.  I love my surgeon, and he was pretty pleased with the whole procedure.  The pain I experienced in the hospital was not fun, but also not unbearable.  Dry mouth is probably the one thing that I really wished we didn't have to deal with.  Oh, also one of the nurses was not so nice.  I wanted to tell her a thing or two, but decided aginst it.  Otherwise everyone was great.  The thing I'm recognizing about my previous eating habits is that I must have eaten out of pure habit and boredom pre-surgery.  Let me explain.  I haven't really gotten hungry yet since my surgery,   I eat, but not because I'm hungry.  I eat because I know it's time and something usually smells good and that triggers something in me that says "hey, that would taste good."  I hope I'm not completely coming out of left field here.  Has anyone else ever noticed this?  When everyone else is eating, I feel like I should be eating, even though I'm not hungry.  I guess there's the social aspect of eating too.  Then when I do eat, I really notice I have to eat at my own pace.  Not their's.  Today we were at a restaurant and i just had soup.  I must've sipped it too fast or something because I felt like it was barely getting down.  Kinda startled me. 

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