Newly frustrated

Nov 25, 2009

I've been sick for weeks (sinuses and ears) and I'm sor worn out. I'm on my third round of antibiotics but after taking them this time for almost a week I felt worse than before I started them. So, I called Kaiser to get another doctor appointment. My doctor was out so I got an appointment with another doctor I had never seen before. When the nurse called me in to take vitals and entered them in the computer. She brought up the screen about BMI and the troubles associated with BMI over 30 (but she never said a word about it). When the doctor came it he asked me what was wrong and I explained. He go on the computer and up pops the BMI information. I really feel at that point he stopped listening to anything I said. He just told me to continue the medication my doctor prescribed and that it just took awhile for sinuses to clear up, no time off to feel better or anything even though I had explained how worn out I was and that I had a fever the last 2 days (but didn't at that time).

I go back to the nurse to get my visit summary. The first thing to printout was that BMI information. Neither of them talked to me at all about it to find out that I had lost 175lbs and was in a much better place now or that I had lost 3 lbs since my visit the week before. They both just assumed that because I am still fat that all my issues are weight related.


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