I officially started this chapter of my life on November 8th, when I went to a WLS Seminar. I think a part of me has been on this journey for many more years then that. There is a woman at work that had WLS (RNY) in June and she was really an inspiration, along with two other women, to seek out some new answers for a new way of life. I've known someone very close to me who had WLS in 2002 who made me aware that there really are people behind the 2% morbidity rate and so I'd shelved for a very long time any thought of having surgery myself. Isn't it amazing what experiencing those dreaded comorbids could do that make you look at things in a whole new light! The idea of having to see a rheumatologist for joint pain at 36 has definitely been a wake up call. I continue to hope that I’m doing the right thing for my health and me.

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