Dec 15, 2011

Wow has life ever changed since my last post.

I ended up in the e.r. with that tooth. It started causing my throat to swell shut. I thought i'd get better once I got the antibiotics. I never knew that I wasn't digesting them till later. I discovered they were going thru my digestive system whole. I got no benefit from them. I had surgery on mothers  day that year. They removed the tooth and slashed my neck to flush out and allow the infection to drain. Yes it was disgusting, but thankfully not painful and short in duration.

Now I am down to 183. Life is great!!! Especially since I started at 450. Wow, huge difference.

I was able to get a panniculectomy. My apron hung down so low and I had so many rashes etc. I ended up with blood clots afterwards. Then to make matters worse the medicine I HAVE to take to LIVE, well i'm allergic to it. It makes me throw up, gives me headaches, migraines actually, and in general makes me miserable. I will be on the blood thinners for six months total. Long time to be sick.

I am keeping my protein down tho. My pcp has me on antinausea meds and they help somewhat. Just something else i'm going to have to go thru to survive.

That is one thing I think we all are. We are all survivors. We survived years of being obese and unhealthy. Most of us have survived abuse in one form or another. We are all survivors!!!!

Well I think thats about all for now. I do have a facebook group about low carb eating if anyone is interested. It's called littlesky's low carb life, if I remember right...lol. Feel free to join. I share the occasional recipe and tips to make it thru the holiday's without binging etc.  It's still in its infancy tho so bear that in mind...lol. We need lots of great people posting so join because we need you!!!!


May 06, 2010

Well nothing special happened today. I just want to kinda make my statement on my weight loss. I have had a lot of rough times with this surgery. I had buyers remorse, in the worst way...lol. I am so glad its over tho.

I can now eat almost anything I want to, sometimes its only a bite or two. The other day I caved in and had a buttermilk donut. I love those things...lol. Comes from years working in a donut shop. Well it caused me to dump or else I had a bout of reactive hypoglycemia or both. Who knows.

I was nautious, throwing up spit, the pouch contents were already too far down to throw up. I had sweating, dizziness, and was very angry for some reason. I used to be diabetic and would get angry if my sugar levels were off. When I was first out I did have a couple dumping episodes and my heart would race. Whatever it was that happened to me, I had no racing heart. Thats what makes me think reactive hypoglycemia.

I have a cracked tooth and it is infected or whatever. Its very painful and has involved the lymph node in my neck. So swallowing is miserable. I am having trouble getting in all my water as it is, so this makes it way worse. My pcp gave me two antibiotics, hope they work. I don't see any way I can get in all my protein today. I have had two containers of yogurt. Thank god for yogurt! I eat a container every day, to keep my digestive flora healthy. Now while i'm on antibiotics its even more important. Plus its easy to swallow...lol.

I hope anyone reading this will have a better day than I am. If you are having buyers remorse then please be aware it does get better. I know it does! I have been thru the ringer with my surgery and now i'm finally in a place to be reaping the rewards. Even if I do have reactive hypoglycemia I am still happy with my RNY. I could never have done this on my own and would have ended up in a wheel chair due to my weight.  Have a blessed day!



Nov 01, 2009

I finally got my gastric bypass on August 19, 2009.  I was told to be there at six a.m. I waited all day long till six p.m. before they were able to get to me.  I was not allowed to have anything to drink and so I was dehydrated and they were unable to stick an i.v. before surgery.  The anesthesiologist said that he'd put me to sleep with the mask and insert a pic line while I was asleep.  That was so nice to wake up and have it all done. 

That was on a thursday, i stayed in icu until monday when they let me go home.  I felt bad.  When I finally got home my son tried to help me to lay down in bed and i pulled a muscle in my stomach.  it hurt so bad!  I spent the next few days in a chair from the living room and then couldnt stand it anymore.  I called rent a center and ordered a recliner.  they brought me a crappy recliner, it's padding was all smooshed down and was so uncomfortable.  Then on September 4th I started feeling sick.  My son had gone out for the evening at my insistance and I was alone.  Suddenly I started throwing up and had a horrible pain in my stomach.  I called 911.

The ambulance showed up and took me to the local hospital.  They did a cat scan and said that I had a blockage.  While waiting for my ambulance to show up I called my son.  He met me at the hospital.  He also called a sister from church and she contacted my bishop.  The bishop and another brother came to see me and to give me a blessing.  I felt so much better, calmer.  I was loaded into another ambulance and taken to Houston, about an hours drive away. 

Once I got to hospital in houston I was wheeled into surgery.  When I woke up my dr. said that I was lucky and that once he got inside there was no blockage.  I had also had dehydration.

After five days in the icu again, I was sent to another hospital to recover and to improve my strength.  That was such a blessing.  I did start my pureed food there and even started my soft food there.  After my first dr. visit I was given the go ahead to start normal food except for raw veggies and pineapple.

I have another dr appt this thursday and hopefully will get the clearance for raw veggies and pineapple.  I am craving salad so badly..lol.
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Aug 06, 2007

Well this past friday I saw my pcp in order to get the ball rolling towards getting a gastric bypass.  Boy did I have a lot of trouble getting a pcp that would even admit that medicaid would pay for the wls.  I found a good dr. tho.  

I have a small skin problem before we get to really start on the nitty gritty so to speak of trying to qualify for wls.  

I'm on medicaid/medicare.  For those on medicaid DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!!!.  They will cover wls.  If anyone needs proof please email me and I can forward you an email I recieved from medicaid and/or an old letter I recieved from medicaid back in 02 I think.  Well either one will tell you what medicaid requires and can be used as proof that they do pay for it.

I was told repeatedly thru the years that medicaid will NOT under any circumstances pay for wls.  Even when I showed them my letter and email.  Now they listen to me or I change dr.'s until I get one that does.  Fortunately this dr. listened. 
Well, good luck to everyone out there and I hope next time I get to report that I"m on my way to getting wls.


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