Nov 01, 2009

I finally got my gastric bypass on August 19, 2009.  I was told to be there at six a.m. I waited all day long till six p.m. before they were able to get to me.  I was not allowed to have anything to drink and so I was dehydrated and they were unable to stick an i.v. before surgery.  The anesthesiologist said that he'd put me to sleep with the mask and insert a pic line while I was asleep.  That was so nice to wake up and have it all done. 

That was on a thursday, i stayed in icu until monday when they let me go home.  I felt bad.  When I finally got home my son tried to help me to lay down in bed and i pulled a muscle in my stomach.  it hurt so bad!  I spent the next few days in a chair from the living room and then couldnt stand it anymore.  I called rent a center and ordered a recliner.  they brought me a crappy recliner, it's padding was all smooshed down and was so uncomfortable.  Then on September 4th I started feeling sick.  My son had gone out for the evening at my insistance and I was alone.  Suddenly I started throwing up and had a horrible pain in my stomach.  I called 911.

The ambulance showed up and took me to the local hospital.  They did a cat scan and said that I had a blockage.  While waiting for my ambulance to show up I called my son.  He met me at the hospital.  He also called a sister from church and she contacted my bishop.  The bishop and another brother came to see me and to give me a blessing.  I felt so much better, calmer.  I was loaded into another ambulance and taken to Houston, about an hours drive away. 

Once I got to hospital in houston I was wheeled into surgery.  When I woke up my dr. said that I was lucky and that once he got inside there was no blockage.  I had also had dehydration.

After five days in the icu again, I was sent to another hospital to recover and to improve my strength.  That was such a blessing.  I did start my pureed food there and even started my soft food there.  After my first dr. visit I was given the go ahead to start normal food except for raw veggies and pineapple.

I have another dr appt this thursday and hopefully will get the clearance for raw veggies and pineapple.  I am craving salad so badly..lol.

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