May 06, 2010

Well nothing special happened today. I just want to kinda make my statement on my weight loss. I have had a lot of rough times with this surgery. I had buyers remorse, in the worst way...lol. I am so glad its over tho.

I can now eat almost anything I want to, sometimes its only a bite or two. The other day I caved in and had a buttermilk donut. I love those things...lol. Comes from years working in a donut shop. Well it caused me to dump or else I had a bout of reactive hypoglycemia or both. Who knows.

I was nautious, throwing up spit, the pouch contents were already too far down to throw up. I had sweating, dizziness, and was very angry for some reason. I used to be diabetic and would get angry if my sugar levels were off. When I was first out I did have a couple dumping episodes and my heart would race. Whatever it was that happened to me, I had no racing heart. Thats what makes me think reactive hypoglycemia.

I have a cracked tooth and it is infected or whatever. Its very painful and has involved the lymph node in my neck. So swallowing is miserable. I am having trouble getting in all my water as it is, so this makes it way worse. My pcp gave me two antibiotics, hope they work. I don't see any way I can get in all my protein today. I have had two containers of yogurt. Thank god for yogurt! I eat a container every day, to keep my digestive flora healthy. Now while i'm on antibiotics its even more important. Plus its easy to swallow...lol.

I hope anyone reading this will have a better day than I am. If you are having buyers remorse then please be aware it does get better. I know it does! I have been thru the ringer with my surgery and now i'm finally in a place to be reaping the rewards. Even if I do have reactive hypoglycemia I am still happy with my RNY. I could never have done this on my own and would have ended up in a wheel chair due to my weight.  Have a blessed day!



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