Dec 15, 2011

Wow has life ever changed since my last post.

I ended up in the e.r. with that tooth. It started causing my throat to swell shut. I thought i'd get better once I got the antibiotics. I never knew that I wasn't digesting them till later. I discovered they were going thru my digestive system whole. I got no benefit from them. I had surgery on mothers  day that year. They removed the tooth and slashed my neck to flush out and allow the infection to drain. Yes it was disgusting, but thankfully not painful and short in duration.

Now I am down to 183. Life is great!!! Especially since I started at 450. Wow, huge difference.

I was able to get a panniculectomy. My apron hung down so low and I had so many rashes etc. I ended up with blood clots afterwards. Then to make matters worse the medicine I HAVE to take to LIVE, well i'm allergic to it. It makes me throw up, gives me headaches, migraines actually, and in general makes me miserable. I will be on the blood thinners for six months total. Long time to be sick.

I am keeping my protein down tho. My pcp has me on antinausea meds and they help somewhat. Just something else i'm going to have to go thru to survive.

That is one thing I think we all are. We are all survivors. We survived years of being obese and unhealthy. Most of us have survived abuse in one form or another. We are all survivors!!!!

Well I think thats about all for now. I do have a facebook group about low carb eating if anyone is interested. It's called littlesky's low carb life, if I remember right...lol. Feel free to join. I share the occasional recipe and tips to make it thru the holiday's without binging etc.  It's still in its infancy tho so bear that in mind...lol. We need lots of great people posting so join because we need you!!!!


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