Younan Nowzaradan

"I didn't like my surgeon at first. He took me off of some of my medications and that caused a weight gain. I was dieting when I gained that weight. He wouldn't let me take the medicines again and I gained more weight. He accused me of cheating on my diet and I wasn't. I got so mad and frustrated I walked out of his office. I went home and went back to taking my medicines and continuing the diet. I ended up losing almost seventy pounds. It was so great. The dr.'s office called to see if I had lost any weight and they scheduled an appointment for me and he set a date for surgery. I had all my testing etc. done already. After surgery he was kinda strict with me, but was not upset when I had some kind of blockage and was rushed back into surgery. He did the surgery and everything was fine. Now when I go back he seems to treat me o.k., but I know i'm not his favorite patient."
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