Dec 15, 2009

Surgery went great I was told!  I don't remember much of anything!  As for post-surgery...not bad!  I woke up in a daze and was pleased to still be alive as this was my very first surgery and i was very nervous.  Shortly after waking up I was pulling the Oxygen mask off and asking the hospital people for water.  They were reluctant to give me a cup so they gave me a stick with a sponge on the end of it.  I went to town, minutes later pleading for a cup of water to rinse, gargle, and spit.  They obliged, finally, and i was much happier.  It took a couple of days to get my mouth back to shape...boy was it dry!  I felt no pain until the next day.  The meds had me in a dazed stupor when i wasn't sleeping :).  I do remember taking the x-ray after surgery to assure the band was in place.  This is the only time I had nausea, i dry heaved several times on the x-ray machine after they forced me to choke down this liquid.  Shortly after that i was riding home in a snow storm drinking apple juice!  The next morning when i woke up; I felt my first pain.  Needless to say I needed a bit of help getting out of bed...thanks to my wonderful boyfriend!  My tummy was in pain from the incisions.  This lasted for about 2-3 days.  The only pain I have now is where they inserted the port; I'm told it's because they stitch the port to the muscles under the skin and it takes awhile to heal.  One night I had terrible shoulder pain and i put ice on it; later I found out that the gas they insert during surgery causes shoulder pain.  I have had no other problems after surgery.  I'm looking forward to my follow-up appointment tomorrow and going back to work the following day!  Oh yeah, and so far, if my scale at home is right, I've lost 25 pounds! (15 pre-op, 10 post-op) I won't update my health tracker until i get the official weight from the docs office tomorrow!

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