Two Weeks Out Already

Dec 30, 2012

I better post something while I still remember if. Surgery was OK. My brother Kev came with me to the hospital in his wheelchair and ready to be there for me. Got there late at 6:30 instead of 6:00. Was still a little sick from having a cold. Had a little bit of a cough. Told them but they said it would be OK. One thing led to another and I woke up with the most horrific left shoulder pain. The nurse kept saying, take a deep breath hun, take a deep breath. They said my heart rate was super low. I kept wanting to fall asleep but they kept waking me up. They then took me to my own room with a little couch. I kept asking for my brother to come in. They called him. He told me that they told him that I was having a hard time waking up. He ended up waiting 3+ hours vs.the 1 hour they originally said. So I got up and walked around right away. I wanted the shoulder pain to go away. They were giving me deladin which was making me feel sick and not helping the shoulder pain. So I guess I just kept falling Asleep every time they gave the pain meds. My bro passed out on the couch and I covered him. I kept walking around. Saw the doc in the hallway, I told him I was ready to go home. he said I was gonna do the leak test then I can go home. The next morning I did the leak test. I told my bro to go home but he didnt want to leave. I love him. He's the best brother ever. So leak test went good, the stuff they gave me to drink was awful!! OMG for real! But I made it. Went home about 5 or 6 pm that same day. Got home and the horrible gas pain in shoulder transfered to my neck. Also, I felt all these hunger pains. I felt like I was starving. But I knew from reading all the posts here on OH that when that happens, I probably need an acid reducer. I called the doctors office and asked for protonix. That was easier to get than I thought. I was good to go after I took one. I only took those for the first 3 days , after that I was no longer feeling hungry.

It's All Happening !!

Nov 19, 2012

I'm a little in shock . I just can't believe it. It seems almost unreal. Its less than a month away now...Is this really happening?? Wow. So I go to get the EKG and Echo Cardio stress test and chest x rays on November 28th. Then I go see my primary doctor on December 3rd for the medical clearance. Then on to the per op surgury class December 6th. I think I will have to see the nutritionalist sometime soon here so I can get the protein shakes for the pre op diet. Woe. I just can't believe it

Date is Set! Here we go!

Oct 14, 2012

 December 17th. ! ! Seems far away but i know it wil come quick. I have to go to doctors office Nov. 7th so go over everything. Keep ya posted.



No Limitations

Sep 23, 2012

 My sweet precious Like no other 26 year old brother lost his leg in a horrific motorcycle accident on Friday Sept. 21st. A whole new life other than the "whole new life" i had imagined is about to begin. Its time to accept what is happening and thank The Lord that he is still alive. So when am i going to get the surgery now? I cant lay myself up when my "Boy" is  in the hospital dealing with the fact that his leg has been amputated while he was asleep for the past two weeks.
I have to plan a good time. Have no idea when. I dont want to miss this opportunity. I know one thing though, i HAVE to still get it. I have to loose this weight so i can challenge my brother and show him there is no limit to what he can do. I want to do every single sport...
I love you Boy. Hurry up and get better. We all miss you so much. 


Good News but not to happy at the moment...

Sep 13, 2012

 I got the call yesterday that the sleeve was approved. She wanted to discuss a surgery date but unfortunaty my sweet precious baby brother was involved in a very seriuos motorcycle accident. He is in critical condition and will most likley remain in the hospital for quite some time. I cant even think about a surgery date right now. Him getting well is the most important thing.
Got to try and figure something out. 

As always i will keep ya posted..

If anyone reads this, i ask that you please pray for my wonderful brother 
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Lets see what happens

Sep 05, 2012

 Yesterday 9-4-12 got an email from girl at doctors office. She said she received all the doctors revised paperwork for the sleeve and is now submitting for approval. Last time it took 8 days...I wonder when the surgery date will be given to me?  Wow! Exciting.Keep ya posted!


Change of Plans

Aug 28, 2012

 Aug. 13 th the doctors office submitted everything to the insurance for the Lap Band.   Aug. 14th  I changed my mind and decided to get the sleeve instead.   Got aporoval for Lap Band Aug. 23rd. Resubmitted approval for sleeve probably the 27th and the girl in the office told me 3 more weeks. AND THEN WHAT? A surgery date would be awsome..

Keep Ya Posted!

Peace Out

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