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Jun 23, 2009

Hi everyone,

wow - Its been so long since I've updated...sorry about that. A lot has happened.

Everything is good ... I just need to vent to someone and because I need to get back on track again.... I posted on BOTT board and I am posting it here as well. I thought posting my feelings here and over at BOTT, would help me.

On June 8, 2004.... i had my WLS surgery.  So, i am 5 years post op. I started my WLS journey at 285lbs. I ended up about 135-140lbs. when I get my monthly friend.... there is a little bounce between the numbers. However, I have maintained this weight for 4  years now until my cat passed away. This past year. It was a whole year I had to dedicate myself to taking care of my baby (cat). That threw me off big time with my workout routine and eating habits. I honestly, did not even pay attention to myself. I weight myself a couple months ago and I weighed 147lbs. Since then, I am so lucky, thank god ,I only put on few pounds. Its been a struggle for me since she passed away. When my cat passed away, I could not eat. Everyday it was a struggle for me. I knew I had to eat, but didn't feel like it. I drank a lot of water. Drank my protein shakes. But hardly ate. I ate  probably once a day, if that. And it was so little. How could I gain weight from not eating?  I don't know, I guess being very depressed can do it to you. Plus the fact i was not eating enough foods.  I was so depressed. My cat , she was part of me and now she is not here any longer. My hubby, hated to see me depressed like that. So ,my hubby and I adopted 2 little kitten a few months back and they are adorable and I love them so much. But, no one will ever take my Sienna baby cat's place. She will be missed so much.

I do have to say since she passed. I am back on track with my eating and routine. I am getting in all my ..foods, protein , water and workouts in. I feel better. I have more energy. I am able to do things now and not have to worry every hour about force feeding her. and sticking her with needles to try to rehydrate her. She was so dehydrated. Poor girl. It was horrible. I was so emotional drained. But i am glad she is at peace now. I do keep myself busy and active throughout the day. And I am so happy I am back on track with my routines. Truly, the key to keeping the weight off is tracking your foods, eating enough foods, drinking your water, getting enough protein in throughout the day and staying within your calories. If you know your magic numbers ,then you will not go wrong. If you know your numbers, it will be easy for you to always maintain your post op weight. That's how I maintain for so long. For me, it is a must to keep up with my workout routine every single day. I did not workout  so much when my cat passed away, It was very hard and emotional..... but i tell you....i did walk a lot ....everywhere I walked!! I love walking. Running is to hard on my knees. Although , I do love running. But rather not run. I also love working out to DVDs. And also going to the gym early in the mornings. I stay in the gym for hours. lol I am a gym rat. However, walking gives *me time* to myself and think. I love ME time lol don't you?  If I don't workout - or not even walk.... I feel horrible and depressed that day. I love working out. Because I love the end results. What motivates me is when I find old photos of myself and see how terrible I looked. I'm just loving my new life and new body!!!! I love working out! I dedicated myself to mornings workouts everyday, and for a very long time now, I have been getting up before 5am to workout! My friends and family think i am nuts for doing this. BUT guess what? My workout is done and I can do what I wanna do now. :-)  When I am done with my workout... I feel wonderful. I feel energized! And ready to take the world LOL!  I feel strong and so much better. Its a great stress reliever, too. Whenever I don't want to workout, all I have to do is look in the mirror and thank God for my new body. I love the way I look and want to keep this body looking this way. :-)

I am Back on track!!

Thank you for letting me vent today.


May 9, 2007

May 08, 2007

Hello everybody

Regular Protein bars are like CANDY on steroids... lol

Seriously , there IS SOMETHING in the bars that make ME want MORE...of these bars

after i eat one... i want another bar.... and another bar.... OH goodnes lol

i know this is MY WEAKNESS.... So i need to stay away from protein bars.

i have not picked up a protein bar for OVER 2 years now :-)
and i am so proud of myself lol

and to be honest i do not CRAVE any chocolate, OR any sugary , sweets ... whatsoever...

and that is a BIG PLUS for me :-) because boy ... i use to CRAVE ALOT of sweets , carbs ..etc.

Anyway from what i read here everyday ....i see some here do crave sweets..etc.

So i would like to share this recipe that i found how to make your own protein bars

these bars are very healthy...

i found this recipe a while ago. but I am not sure where i found it....in google or on here OH.com.
i had it saved here on my computer...

Its low-fat bars, low carb , low sugar and they are rich in fiber and taste great

it only takes about 20 Minutes to make :-)
Ok ... Here's How to make these delicious protein bars :-)
This is what you need
3 1/2 cups quick oats
1 cup of walnuts and almonds
1 1/2 cups of blueberries
1 1/2 cups powdered non-fat milk
4 scoops low carb , low sugar , Chocolate or vanilla protein powder ( what ever you like best)
1 cup sugar-free maple syrup
2 egg whites, beaten
1/4 cup orange juice ( low sugar O.J )
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 c. ( no sugar added - applesauce )
If you find you want a moister bar, use 1/2 cup of - no added sugar applesauce

Did you know you can replace the oil in a recipe with an equal amount of applesauce? Applesauce will add the same moisture of fat but not the added calories and it won’t alter the flavor.

Preheat over to 325 and spray a baking sheet or small baking dish with non-stick spray.

Mix blueberries , walnuts , almonds and oats, powdered milk, and protein powder in bowl and blend well.

In separate bowl, combine eggwhites, orange juice, applesauce, and the sugar-free syrup and blend well.

Stir liquid mixture into dry ingredients until blended. The consistency will be thick and similar to cookie dough.

Spread batter onto pan and bake until edges are crisp and browned.

Cut into 10 bars and store in airtight container or freeze.

i have not added up the calories per bar...but i know they are better for you then regular protein bars... less sugar...and no chocolate... and chocolate i know i can not have because I OVER EAT it ... and i abuse it too much. Its so addicting. so these protein bars to ME are so much better :-)


April 12 , 2007

Apr 11, 2007

Happy birthday DAD.... I hope you have a beautiful day , even though you have to work and it is raining outside... yuck! :-(

Anyway , i wanted to share with you how i maintain my weight loss.

This is what i do to maintain my weight

i watch what i eat .
i do not eat junk foods. chips or sugar free foods and snacks!
these snacks WILL make me CRAVE MORE sugary foods.

and will lead to unhealthy snacking and MAKE YOU FEEL HUNGERY
I refuse to go back the way i use to feel and look... and eat like i use to ....

i absolutely love the way i feel now. i am very strict about the way i eat now.

I do not let myself get out of control eating these sugar free foods

i am not even tempted to eat any sugarfree foods when my mother bakes them for the holidays....

it will not happen.... i will never let it happen.

i have very self control.

to me... they are evil foods and WILL make me eventually gain my weight back

IF i start eating them....

I honestly stay away from these sugar free snacks and foods

they are bad foods..

this is what i do to maintain my weight

i have 6 small meals a day.

i eat every 2 -3 hours. I eat on schedule. I don't skip meals.

my meals are like snacks size, very SMALL portion size.

i eat around .... 150 - 200 calories a meal.

my meals are proteins , whole grains, vegies and fruits

exercising is a must to maintain your weight loss as well as eating right.

best wishes


April 11 , 2007

Apr 10, 2007

Hey guys , i wanted to mention something ,

if you eat healthy, take your vitamins , drink your water and exercise , that will help you FEEL better about yourself....


How beautiful is that ? :-)

...keep on being so positive everyday and you will have such HIGH motivation

and to be honest......... that motivation WILL HELP YOU pull you through the day when you need IT!!

When i went to my psych therapist evaluation....

all i said to him was .......

i absolutely LOVE myself..... all i want is to LOSE weight
i don't do drugs, i don't smoke. i never ever hurt myself.
i don't have any bad memories of my childhood growing up.
My parents never beat me ....Etc.......

i am JUST depressed because of my weight. and i hate it
i want to be healthy and be able to move and walk.
i am NOT doing this for VIEN reasons... and get a boob job or anything like that. i just want to be heathly and get down to a good weight for me.

and the DR passed me lol because i said i love myself.

and I do.... i am NOT lying ........i treat myself great.......even when i was over weight..... BUT great enough because look what i did to myself.. i ate myself into a HUGE problem :-(

BUT NOW ......... 3 years post op...

i am totally successful... i lost 155 pounds

........and i feel super!!!!!

When i watch what i eat and exercise...
i feel totally awesome

what a beautiful feeling isn't it ?? ...oh i just love it...

yes i am a happy person , can't you tell ? lol
seriously.....its the healthy foods i eat , plus the exercising THAT i do ...and be dedicated to this journey everyday that keeps me like this

Best wishes


April 11 , 2007

i wanted to talk about the PlATEAU BUSTER DIET
that goes around here on the message boards...


it is NOT a balance diet.....

Anyway , this below is a repost that i posted on the main board to help people try to get over and break through their plateaus.

please read on ...



TRY IT , IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!! :-)


honestly , to break through a plateau ....
you have to change up what you are eating and need to exercise alot more then just 20 minutes and just once a day. You need workout twice a day - 45 minutes or more to get out of this plateau.

Don't eat the same thing every day
and don't do the same exercise every day.

your body is in it's comfort zone.
so you need to SHAKE IT UP!

you got to get into a daily routine.

alot of people don't like to exercise but to be honest ,
exercising is the KEY in losing weight.

if you really want to break through this plateau ,
you got to seriously Start exercising alot more then you do ...
AND eating healthier ....

the plateau post that goes around here on the boards is OK to follow

BUT honestly , that list isn't a balance diet.... you should add vegies and fruits ALONG with your protein...

if you have carbs , look and read the labels .... does the labels have high fiber ? about 3 - 5 grams, then its good carbs... whole grains.... no white breads or pasta.

STAY AWAY from chips........... Eating chips eventually WILL lead you to BAD snacking!!!!!!!

IF you can NOT do the moderation thing... DO NOT start eating CHIPS!

Can't eat ONE serving ? ...........I know i can't .LOL.... So i stay away from the CHIPS!

be succesful ... and get into a good habit of eating better choices

Also Remember drinking diet coke OR ANY HIGH sugary drinks WILL hurt your weight loss....

the sweetner will make you CRAVE MORE sweets.... and will make you HUNGRY too... even when you JUST ATE something .......

SO stay away from SODA or high sugary drinks!!

You got to GET SERIOUS AND be determine and dedicated AND REALLY try hard at this...

there is no magic to weight loss..

WE got to put in the work and you will THEN get FANTASTIC results...

Seriously ....if you don't comply , then you will NOT be very successful at this weight loss journey!!

Thats the bottom line.... there is not special Plateau Buster DIET.....

WE must do the work ...... EAT healthier AND... Exercising!!!

are you exercising ? If you aren't , you really need to STEP IT UP!

Do an exercising DVD....run on the treadmil, do the elliptical machine, go to the gym.... you need to move MORE and BURN OFF the calories....

About once or twice a week..... to get your body out it's comfort zone...

You should exercise to a higher intensity level.

if you are walking on the treadmil, and you are use to walking to the speed - 2.0 bump the speed up to 3.0 or alittle higher. what ever you can do.

in a week or 2 and you see that you are great BUT you don't see any weight loss , then add another 5 minutes to your exercise......TRY to burn off the EXTRA calories... you need to burn about 500 calories or more a day to break through this plateau ....

also if there isn't any weight loss, you really need to seriously take a LOOK at what you are eating. try to eat the better carbs ... whole grains , fruits , vegies... EAT alot of solid proteins... fish, cottage cheese... chicken.... turkey....yogurt. .....eat low calorie, low carb, high fiber foods.

.......and finally , you REALLY need to be dedicated and determine....
comply equals success...

Do not let your thoughts , words , actions, habits and your character take control of your body!!

keep thinking postive thoughts, and those words will become actions.

and watch your actions because they will turn into habits.

those habits will evenually all turn into your character.

and that becomes your destiny.

if you start off the day eating healthy , that will lead to another HEALTHY thing....

if you HAVE motivation, determination and dedication... ALL this will carry with you throughout the day..... KEEP positive and motivated.... and you will see the results that you want to see!!!

Do whatever it takes to get you motivated and STAY motivated.

What i do is ...Read FITNESS magazines and i have a workout partner... my hubby :-) We get each other motivated every single day.....

also my parents and sisters ....also get me motivated

if you have a great support system , you will be successful and you will also have that determination and you will stay motivated and dedicated to this journey!!

you really SHOULD have a support system because if you are feeling depressed one day , they can HELP YOU feel better and PUSH you to get motivated again.....

keep at it every single day... and remember this is not a race ...
there is NO TIME LIMIT on this weight loss.
Every day ... just work towards your goals....

ONE day at a time....you'll get there.... JUST DO IT !!

please update us on how you are doing!!


best wishes

April 8 , 2007

Apr 07, 2007

Happy Easter everybody!!

someone just posted on the main board about feeling the fullness.

so i wanted to post it here so that maybe some of the newbies will learn from my experience...

I remember when I was a Newly post op...i couldn't tell when i was full.

its like learning how to eat all over again.

........It does get better........ and you will start to LEARN the fullness....

in my own experience , i felt the fullness right between my shoulder blades , In my chest area and in my stomach......... My stomach felt like a balloon ready to pop ... lol

Do not over eat... always measure your foods

- eat alone .......so you can concentrate on eating , you will need to connect with your new stomach to feel the fullness.........

when eating with someone ,sometimes it can make you eat faster and not pay attention to chewing your foods well.......... I did this for the first few months.

- don't eat infront of the TV or computer

- concentrate on chewing your foods real good.
if you do not chew your foods well , the foods can get stuck.
chewing WILL make you feel full!

- drink enough water throughout the day

- eat good solid proteins

- Eat until you are satisfied and comfortable

- also exercising helps alot!!

you will experience fullness as you are futher out of sugery.
it takes alittle time to learn to feel the fullness.

best wishes

April 7 , 2007

Apr 06, 2007

Hello ,

Well it's Easter tomorrow and i know i won't be struggling.
Why ? Because i have self control ....
i am so glad that i can not have any sugary sweets
or any high sugary drinks...

I am SO glad that i had this surgery.
i am happy and healthier...

Someone posted on the main board about head hunger

i never struggle with head hunger.

i will tell you why i never did

in my own experience , what has helped me...
exercising every single day
eating every 2 -3 hours
drinking water in between my meals.
i keep my meals to snack size portion meals , very small size.
and i am satisfied ...eating this way.
i just think to myself.. another 3 hours i will eat again
so i keep myself busy ..if I am hungry and the time goes by fast.

Honestly ....I never struggled with head hunger.
Because i follow my daily routine everyday.

i don't allow myself to get lost in my OLD eating habits.
if I did , i know i would feel horrible.
and i absolutely HATE that feeling....
So i stay far away from the foods i use to eat.

i have very self control
i eat to live and feel great ........NOT live to eat... and feel crappy.

So , if I am feeling hungry , i just get myself up
and do something ...until i eat again ( in another 2 - 2 1/2 - 3 hours )

it also helps if you have foods prepared and easy to grab ...
so you won't be grabbing for the bad foods ..

make a schedule and try to stick to your eating plan.
that helps alot.

we have to learn how to make healthier and better choices...

exercising , eating healthy and drinking water ....
all helps with head hunger. :-)

best wishes and Happy Easter

April 3, 2007

Apr 02, 2007


I am sorry i wasn't around last week....

I accidently swallow a piece of food... and it got stuck.
because .. I was such in a rush trying to do something else AND I was trying to feed myself too at the same time and i was not paying attention

how stupid of me ... i should of known better..... to CHEW my foods and PAY ATTENTION while i eat.....

Honestly , i don't go around saying to myself 24 / 7 - i had surgery done. and i need to concentrate on what i am eating. i just eat...

Seriously i SHOULD think that way.... because it is SO important.... to SLOW down while eating. and CHEW really good AND PAY ATTENTION .....so we don't get foods stuck!

Darn it .... i am so mad at myself .....

I was not feeling well at all that night . and was in pain.

this happened on Tuesday night.
I saw my DR Thursday
i told him how i felt , every time i ate something , i felt it not passing through.i felt so full after eating ONE spoon full of cottage cheese. and i felt sick ,but after the food passed , i felt so much better ...

My Dr said it could be a Ulcer , something stuck or a narrowing.
but he honestly thought i got something stuck. which I did ...
My Dr wanted a Endoscopy , and i had it done yesterday.

BUT Wensday night , i passed whatever food was stuck ... and THANK GOODNESS i wasn't in anymore pain. i felt better...

On Sunday , i put a call into my Endo DR and told him that i felt so much better.

The Endo DR. said lets do it anyway for peace of mind , just in case ...something still is stuck i want to check it out.

The Endo procedure when well ,
the Dr said everything he saw was in place and perfect.

I am here to tell everyone especially the NEWBIES ,
PLEASE YOU NEED to CHEW your foods WELL....

DO NOT... eat infront of the computer, watch TV, cook or talk ....while eating. DO NOT ......eat fast ...AND watch what you are doing while you eat.

you really need to concentrate while eating and eat slow...

IF you DO NOT pay attention while eating you
can accidently swallow something without even knowing you did,
( like i did ) ...then later ...you'll be in pain and can't eat.

anyway , i am back and feeling ALOT better...
i thought i would share my story....to help newbies and others.

other then this , i am feeling absolutely wonderful :-)

have a beautiful day everyone

Oct 12, 2006

Oct 11, 2006

Hi everyone,

good morning

i am sorry if i didn't correctly spell words... please override them.
i am NOT the best speller. although i love helping others. so my spelling will not keep me from not posting lol so here it goes

Also i will be leaving in a few minutes. My mom is picking me up and we are going to go out. So if you post to me , i will post back as soon as I return. I Love you all here and i want for you all to have the best outcome of this journey....

okay , let me get this post up before my mom comes and i have to leave lol.... yeah i talk to much ... so my family and friend say lol hahaha , oh well...

its about our setbacks....and when we are getting lazy with our execrising and not eating healthy....

Setbacks are very normal. No matter how well prepared you are, there will be times when you overindulge in foods that look so good to you and so appealing to you then eat them, and after we do eat them and indulge in those foods, we get lazy and/or skip our daily execrise routine.
Don't let a setback derail your efforts. What I do to stay on track is simply recognize the fact that i lost control and then attack the problem and regain my power over the foods and then move on. :-)

Lets face it ....Nobody's perfect, so just try to keep the force of an enemy (the foods you love the most) to a minimum and don't let falling off the wagon lead to giving up.

What helps me ....I have to weigh myself every morning. it is a kind of a guilty pleasure that i have. :-) If i weigh myself and then see a 2 pound gain. i jump on that right away and get rid of that 2 pound gain ASAP! .... for me and some... the scale really is a good thing to have.... It may help you....to keep yourself on TRACK! Do not let this scale bother you.... let it be your friend....What helps me if I do gain a pound or 2 pounds....i try hard to do more aerobics during the week. Maybe 3 times a week...

To me , achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a lifelong commitment. It is hard work but over time, when old habits are replaced with new, healthier habits, it no longer feels like hard work. :-) There is light at the end of the tunnel for us.... just ask some of our members who have been so successful on their weight loss journeys. Lean on those who you really admire.... email them , be buddies with them. learn from them ... they will help you during your hard times and get you through them :-) Don't be afraid to ask for help. We are all in this together. :-)

I always complain to myself and i keep on saying , LIZZY SHUT UP AND JUST DO IT! LOL hahaha , after i yell at myself .... BOY do I feel ALOT better... that is one thing i really absolutely HATE about myself is when I complain to myself lol so i make myself shut the heck up and i just do it .... so i don't keep on hearing my complaining twin who i hate... anymore. That mouth of hers won't shut up lol .... so i keep her quiet by doing what i need to do.... AND you know what ??? ... ahhhh .... i feel SO MUCH better after i do what i need to do. I achieved what I need to make myself HAPPY! :-)

Anyway , i just wanted to post alittle inspiring post and KEEP the newbies and newly post op all in good spirits and positive thoughts during their journeys.

good luck to everyone who is having surgeries and newly posts up and newbies .... STAY FOCUS and POSITIVE! :-)

best wishes to all

lots of love



Oct 10, 2006

Oct 09, 2006

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