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"When I first met Dr. Vohra...the first impression that i got of him was a very confident surgeon. I felt very comfortable with him right away. I would recommend him to anyone who is having the WLS. Although the DR.'s office is ALWAYS SO BUSY...... i love the way they stay on top of things. and they all make you feel so at home during the time you are there in their office. They are so personalable. Dr. Vohra's office also has support groups every month. it is such a HUGE group! When I first walked into the group i said WOW ... LOOK at all these people , they all have smiles on their faces! :)Amy is so awesome! she gives you a bari buddy Teddy bear before you go into surgery.... she is a sweetie!! Allison is another great person to know too! I really adore them all over at Dr. Vohra's Office..... Dr. Vohra also went over the risks of having the gastric bypass surgery. I rate Dr. Vohra a %110 on everything!! He is so cautious.... with everything! his surgical competence is better then his bedside manner. He isn't the warmest person , although when you get to know Dr. Vorha HE is just a great person! and I love all his PA's.... When Dr. Vohra isn't around. I talk to Gabe the PA, or Dr. Nishmuria.... who i absolutely love! What a sweet heart! Thank you Dr. Vohra for saving my life! Your hands are like magic! Hugs & kisses Lizzy"
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