mary A. wrote a blog post 8 years, 8 months ago
It's the beginning of a new life - Things have moved very fast for me in the last 5 months. I have completed everything and qualifed for my surgery. It wasn't a difficult decision to make. My family and I have pray...

mary A. wrote a blog post 9 years ago
The Lord is so good! - I am so excited and so blessed by the Lord that I can't hold it all in. God has answered our prayers in providing a way for all my pre-surgery visits to be covered. Even though I...

mary A. wrote a blog post 9 years, 3 months ago
Health Insurance - Oh my, this can be very frustrating working with your insurance. Thursday I spent several hours looking into my insurance trying to find a way that my Psyc visit would be covered. ...

mary A. wrote a blog post 9 years, 3 months ago
My Story - Well, today was the day. The day I started the process of qualifing for WLS. I have really prayed hard about this and it has been on my heart for a while. I am a Christian. I have...
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