Hey, I'm Lonnie! I was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes back in 2011, and then had a gastric bypass surgery on December 31st, 2013.


It had been a crazy, shocking, and somehow a depressing revelation to me after having an episode of a weird heart rate and dizziness one day that scared me enough to go to the hospital. Although clearly aware I was not in good shape, having a BMI of over 40 and a maximum weight of 372 lbs, I was clueless about actually being diabetic, having hypertension, and sleep apnea.


Diabetes is a challenging illness that puts many lives in jeopardy. It knows no age. I am young at age 34, but there are thousands of people everyday that get diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes.  And there are even more who are living with Diabetes and don’t even know it. So, I decided to share my experiences with the world in hope I can have an impact on the lives of those who are living with Diabetes today. Thus, this site came to be.


So here I am now, over a month past surgery, weighing 60 lbs less and moving forward like a new man— new fitness routines, new lifestyle, new eating habits and new outlook in life—that is of course with a little help from Fitbit. An extra large fries and quarter pounder from McDonalds are still considerably more delectable than a protein shake, but Diabetes has taught me how to spot health friends and foes.

A good sign, right? And I bet you still feel the same. As I am right in the middle of improvement, I’d like to share my journey, my rebirth, and my newfound life with you. Join me as I tread the path to self-renewal.

Feel free to share your thoughts and stories, and please feel free to ask me questions. This is our journal after all.

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