Kids rule!

Apr 29, 2014

I browse several websites dedicated to people living with diabetes during my extra time. There's a lot of them, but still not as many as make-money-online kinds of stuff so I'm happy to learn that the communities supporting diabetics are growing. Out of over a hundred websites are heartwarming stories of courage, hope, and faith. I see people living with the disease for 10-30 years looking healthy and happy, and I do they do it?

I wonder how the grown-ups do it but I wonder more how the kids do it.

Some of these kids were only six years old when they first heard the word Diabetes and probably didn't even understand it. I regard them as the strongest of the breed. Of all the happy faces I see, the kids' are what I like the most. It gives you a sense of joy to know that they are fine despite everything. My wish is for that happiness to last a lifetime.


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