Hi, My name is Angela and I have been overweight most, if not all my life. I am at my highest weight of 316. I have researched and looked forward to surgery for about 6 months. I have PCOS and was trying to get pregnant for 3 years with no luck. I spent a small fortune trying everything. I had my gallbladder removed last year and they found that I have cirrhosis of the liver due to fatty liver disease. So I was told that I have to loose at least 100 pounds and keep it off for life in order to ensure that I would not harm my liver any further. My infertility doc said that I would probably get pregnant with no problems if I had the surgery because the fat around my ovaries was absorbing all the hormones needed to get pregnant. SO, here I am about to start the journey of a lifetime!
Ok, after 8 months of waiting I finally have a surgery date of October 28, 2008!

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