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It's great to be alive as a post-op. I was only existing before my weight loss surgery.

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As you can tell, I love coffee, full leaded coffee. My surgeon allows two cups per day. I joked with him that he did not specify how big the cups could be. :)

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I started gaining weight around ten years old. I did weigh 109 in seventh grade when my husband met me. I weighed 218 in 10th grade! I lost weight in college and had a period of normal weight briefly in my mid twenties, but after I married at 29 weighing 180 I steadily gained. A few years back I gained over a 100 pounds in one year and had surgery weighing 344 pounds. I couldn't walk through Wal-mart I was so big at 5'2". I was isolating and slept all the time. My back was a mess. I had sleep apnea and diabetes. They were threatening partial knee replacements. My husband was very worried about my health, but never said anything about it. I felt I was cheating him out of a active wife and worried I would die young and leave him a widower. With all this, I had no idea just how big I was.

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My parents who had always bugged me about my weight, never gave up trying to "help" and it was very painful to listen to.

                    Too bad the ocean isn't made of coffee...

I had WLS 3/30/2005 with minimal difficulties. I lose weight steadily when I use my tool properly. Scot and I just returned from a houseboat vacation. I slept without my CPAP machine, climbed over rails to take photos, went down in the Seneca Rock Caverns, and laughed and laughed. I am a new person. My strong marriage is so much more fun. I fit in my surroundings and I fit in the world. I even have a lap for my dogs to sit in. :) My knees don't hurt, my diabetes is in remission and my back mostly behaves.

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I have had a lot of support on my journey from this site, from my friends mostly Diane in Florida, my parents and in-laws and many other cheerleaders. I love the Over 50 BMI board. I could not of done this without the emotional support and actual help of my loving and smart husband Scot. My heart swells as I think of him. He is funny, fun and oh so sweet.

                    Coffee is Good!

Weight loss surgery is a big step to be taken advisedly. But it is nothing to be afraid of. Anything worthwhile is worth the risk and hard work. The results are mind boggling. The rewards are many. Good luck my friends. Many hugs, Loris

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